Saturday, 23 June 2012

The report card pickup

Last week, it was my report card pickup. Me and my mother went to my school. But first, we have to wear scarf. The venue was my classroom. We went to my class. My class teacher said I need to improve to copy the sentences quickly. I need to improve in my weakness. After talking with my class teacher, we talked to the subject teachers. We talked to my Islamic Studies teacher, Bahasa Malaysia teacher and Maths teacher. My maths teacher said I need to improve more and not being careless while my Islamic Studies teacher said I am a cheerful student. And the last teacher that I met was my Bahasa Melaysia teacher. He said I have to improve in my Pemahaman and read lots of malay books. Finally,we went home. My opinion was to improve in my subjects that are weak. But we need to improve in all subjects to be better in future.