Monday, 18 February 2013

Hari Lahir Ayah Saya

Inilah makanan yang kami pesan
Pada tarikh 12 Febuari 2013, kami menyambut hari lahir ayah saya. Kami pergi ke Majestic Hotel untuk meraikan hari lahir beliau. Hotel itu sangat besar dan cantik. Kami minum petang di Colonial Cafe. Terdapat ramai orang di sana. 

Set minum petang tiga tingkat
Kami memesan dua set minum petang. Makanannya sungguh enak. Makanannya ialah mini kek coklat, kek buah, krim puff, scones dan banyak lagi. Kegemaran saya ialah kek coklat manakala makanan yang saya tidak gemar ialah kek buah. Saya minum air teh untuk minum petang. Saya amat suka air teh kerana rasanya manis.

Selepas minum, kami mengucapkan selamat hari lahir untuk ayah saya. Saya memberi beliau kad yang saya buat sendiri. Saya membuat kad sendiri kerana saya rasa membuat kad sendiri lebih istimewa. Adik saya juga membuat kad untuk ayah saya. Ayah saya sungguh gembira. 
Ayah saya bersama kad yang dibuat oleh saya dan adik saya
Selepas itu, kami bersiar-siar di kawasan hotel. Hotel ini bersih dan rekaannya kreatif. Terdapat bilik orkid, spa, ballroom dan juga restoran. Saya dan adik-adik saya bermain di kawasan hotel. Kami bermain sorok-sorok. Terdapat banyak tempat sesuai untuk menyorok. Kami sangat gembira.

Masa untuk pulanggggg!!! Saya sangat gembira dan bersyukur kerana mendapat peluang untuk pergi ke hotel ini. Selamat tinggal.
Kami di Colonial Cafe
Inilah bilik orkid yang besar
Akhir sekali, saya doakan agar ayah saya panjang umur dan akan pimpim keluarga kami untuk ke jalan yang lurus. Inshaa Allah. Saya sayang ayah saya!
Inilah ayah saya. Beliau menyambut hari lahir yang ke - 38

Sunday, 17 February 2013


This was the farm I saw on my way to Morib
On Sunday, me and my family went to the hotel called GOLD COAST MORIB. It was located in Selangor. Daddy drove us there . I slept in the car. The journey took an hour. After 30 minutes, I woke up and saw a lots of coconut tree, the palm tree and a lot of cows outside the window. It was like a farm. The palm tree and coconut tree were different. The fruits were also different. We passed through the village to get to the hotel. I think there were less traffics in the village compared of the town.

We arrived at the hotel. I saw mak long and Marcel! I was soo surprised! I didn't know that daddy invited them! There were lots of people in the lobby. We waited for mama to get the key for our room. Then, we arrived at our room. Our room was big but dirty. The housekeeper had not clean our room yet. I didn't like it! There was a bathtub and the jacuzzi in the bathroom. But there was something I like. I like the jacuzzi so much. By the way, mak long and Marcel were in a different room. Right after that, we straight away changed to our swimming attire and went to the water theme park.

The moment we wanted to go to the water theme park, we bumped into nenek and atuk. I also did not know that daddy invited them, too. Another surprise!! After we shook hands with them, we went to the theme park!

The long, curvy slide that I rode on
At the theme park, there were lots of types of slides. There was a long slide, tall slide, sloppy slide and many more. I rode on the long, sloppy slide. WHEEEEEE! After that, I went to the bouncy house with my sisters. We jumped on top of it. Sooo bouncy! BOINK! BOINK! BOINK! The bounce house was slippery and dirty. That was why I always fall down. Marcel also bounced with us. Then, we went to the deep pool with our parents. Me and Ariana rode on the round big floties while Marcel pushed us. Woah! That was fast. While we were swimming, Mak Lang, Pak Lang, Mak anjang, Pak anjang, Adelia and Atiff joined us too. Everybody was swimming happily.

Me and Ariana on the big round floaties while Arlia holding the handle
Later on, we went to the seafood restaurant near Tanjung Sepat. We went there to have a dinner party for daddy's birthday. Before that, we went to the jetty.  We saw a lot of boats but they are small and dirty. The boat was docked to the jetty. After that, we wittnessed the beautiful sunset there. I really enjoyed looking at the sunset.

The beautiful sunset at dawn
We sisters at the jetty sitting on the 'titi'
At the restaurant,  we  waited for our foods. There were a lot of people eating. People were eating because it was dinner time. After 15 minutes,  our food was served. We enjoyed our meal. Mmmmm! Delicious! After we finished our meal, it wasvtime for the celebration. We gonna sang the Happy Birthday song for daddy. I was surprised there were THREE cakes for daddy. He was very lucky because 3 persons bought the cakes. It was a chocolate cake and strawberry cake too. I don't really like the chocolate cake because there were nuts in it. That was weird.

The family and the cakes
The birthday man happily blowing his candles
The next morning, we had our breakfast at the hotel. There were lots of people there. So the place was crowded and we ended up waited for the seats for so long. I was a bit bored. Finally, we managed to find the seats and had our breakfast. After we ate our breakfast, we went to the water park! AGAIN!

This time we swam at the pool, but not that long because we must rush because we must checked out. We swam just like an hour. For lunch, we had our meals at Bangi. We ate at a restaurant called 'Restaurant Ayam Kampung'. The chicken was a bit skinny but tender. But it was still yummy! Mmmmmm! No more hungry!!!

It,s time to go home. I was soo happy! This was the great vacation because i got to go with my big family. I hope I get to go with them  again! Byeeee!❤💚💜💙💛

Friday, 1 February 2013

My roadtrip to the North - PERAK

Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Perak welcomed me and my family with good foods. We started our journey by going to a stall which was located in Kuala Sepetang. It was called Mee Udang Mak Jah. The stall was famous with prawn. We ordered our food. I ordered 'char kwey teaw udang'. It was soo yummy! The food really awed me.

Me and my sisters at the famous Mee Udang Mak Jah

Kuala Sepetang is famous with seafood because it is located near the river. So the fishermen can fish easily. The boat must be docked to the jetty so the fisherman can give the fish to the fishmonger. Then, the fishmonger can sell the fish at the market. I think the jetty is big because there are a lot of boats.

Arlia at the Kuala Sepetang Jetty

After that, we went to the night safari at the Zoo Taiping. We rode on a tramp and saw lots of
animals. The announcer told us the information about the animals. The hippopotumas is the silent killer. The African people are scare of this animal because it has sharp teeth. He also told us that flamingoes rest and sleep with just one leg. African lion can't swim. We learnt a lot of things. I loved this zoo very much! I hope I can go there again.

We saw the animals at Zoo Taiping. They were zebras and giraffe in the picture.
Later, daddy drove us to Ipoh after the journey to the night safari. We put a night in the Kinta Riverfront Hotel. We went to our room. We peeped through the curtains and saw the colourful decoration trees and beautiful firework along the river outside. I think the firework was for the Thaipusam celebration. Then, we slept because we were all tired.

The next morning, me, mama, Ariana and Arlia had our breakfast at the cafe. I had nasi lemak. It was delicious. While we were eating, daddy joined us! After breakfast, we went out from the hotel and headed to a restaurant. It was called NASI KANDAR AYAM MERAH. My parents really wanted to eat again. It was strange for me. I saw there were lots of people queing and eating there. I think because the foods were yummy. After my parents had eaten, we went to a hotel at THE LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN.

At the first place, I didn't know about this place. Then, when my parents told me about this, I was overwelmed because there was a water park! What a fun surprised!!!! We went to the theme park! Thre were two types of parks. One was a dry park and another one was a water park! We went to the dry park. First, we went to the MERRY HANGING GO ROUND! It was awesome but dizzy. Then, we went to the small boat ride. It was the same thing but it was faster than the merry hanging go round. Later on, we tried on the BIG GIANT SHIP! It swinged to the right and left end! Woah! But pity Aya! She can't ride on it because of her safety. She still young. Then, we went to the WATER PARK! Me and Ariana slid at the loong, curvy slides! Woooaahhh! I was soo extremely happy! I wanted to try it again! It was fuuuuunnn! We also went to the very looonnnnnggggggg man-made river. We rode on a big numbered '8' floties in blue. It tooks a while to reach the end of the river.

Later on, we went to the HOT SPRING! It is naturally hot! We relaxed there. Cool! Ariana and Arlia played with the water and made a big splash! We relaxed there until 5.30 pm. Then, we went to our hotel and went outside to have our dinner at the restaurant called NASI LEMAK AYAM KAMPUNG. The chicken tasted different than the other chickens. Mmmmmm! So delicious. After eating, we went to the hotel and slept. What a tiring day... Zzzzzzz

The next day, we took our bath and straight away checked out from the hotel. We had breakfast at Hollywood Restaurant. It was another food place that we explored. The foods that we tried were roti telur goyang, keaw teaw, roti bakar and goreng-gorengan. I never knew about this kind of food especially roti telur goyang and goreng-gorengan. I think this is a special food in Ipoh.

Finally, it was time to go back home. Do you know why? Because our vacation was already over! I missed Perak! Byeee Perak!