Monday, 28 January 2013

The roadtrip up North - PENANG

Last Thursday, my family went for a roadtrip. First, we went to Penang and then to Perak.

We departed from home at about 10.30 am. We were heading to Penang. Daddy drove us there by car. From Kuala Lumpur,we have to cross Perak to go to Penang. But we also needed to cross the bridge. We needed the bridge because Penang is an island. We were actually crossing the sea and if we want to go to Penang by sea, we need a ferry. There were also big ferries that carries cars.

After 3 hours, we reached Penang! We were heading to Hard Rock Hotel which was located at Batu Ferringhi. Before that, we stopped at a stall that served a speacial dish which was Laksa Penang. I ordered Laksa Penang and Teh Ais. After we finished our food, we went to Hard Rock Hotel.

The hotel was not far from the stall. It tooks us only minutes to reach the hotel. At the hotel, we first checked-in. Before we went to our room, the waitress served the welcome drinks to us. And then, we went to our room in level 3. The room was facing the swimming pool and the beach. The scenery was beautiful. However, the room was smaller than the room we went last time. That room had a small playground and trundle bed for the kids. While this one not. But we were still happy, thankful and grateful. We can't wait for the swimming pooooolllllllll!!!

We went to the swimming pool and swam! We swam and slided down the pool and played with the water. It was very fun! We love swimming at the swimming pool because of the slide. I was happily swimming at the swimming pool with my sisters and my parents. We only stopped swimming during Maghrib.

For dinner, we hunt for Nasi Kandar Beratur. Daddy drove us to a stall which opened at 10.00pm. We were late for dinner! The nasi kandar was yummy! I never ate nasi kandar! It was famous in Penang! While we were eating, mama saw a trishaw. The trishaw was special because it has lights at night. We wanted to ride on it. But unfortunately, we didn't manage because we were sleepy. After we ate Nasi Kandar, we straight away went to the hotel and slept.

The next morning, we took our breakfast and straight away went to the swimming pool. AGAIN! We swam untiiiil noon. We had fun swimming and playing. We stopped swimming at 2.30 pm. We went to level 6 for our tea. They served dessert. After eating, we went to Lone Pine. It only took minutes to reach there.

Lone Pine is a boutique hotel. At first, we didn't really like the hotel. But after sometimes in the hotel, we loved the hotel more than Hard Rock Hotel. The room was big. We were enjoying the hotel. We went to the park near the beach. We took a stroll at the garden, relaxed at the hammock and played! Then, we went to the beach and played with the water and sand. Finally, we went to our room and had a bubbly bubble bath. Cool! Then, we took our dinner in our room and played some more! After that, we went to sleep! Sleep on a cozy bed. Zzzzzzzzz

The next morning, while everyone was sleeping, me and mama took a stroll at the beach. Mama took a picture of me while I was playing with the water and sand. It was sooo fun. I enjoyed spending time with mama! My heart was calm whenever I spent time with ONLY her! This was because when others were around, they sometimes made my mood uncontrollable.

Then, I went to the tent near the swimming pool to relax while playing with the Ipad. Mama went to the room to wake Ariana and Arlia up because they were still sleeping.

Finally, Ariana, mama and Arlia had arrived! We went for our breakfast! I ordered char kwey teow! Yum! Later on, daddy came and joined us! He ate omelet. After breakfast, we all swam. We swam untiiil noon. Then,we changed our clothes in the tent and checked out from the hotel!

Penang vacation was very fun. I really really didn't want to leave Penang. However, we had to because we were going to Perak. I hope Perak going to be exciting as much as Penang.

Byeeeee Penang!!!!!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nasi Kandar Beratur, PENANG!!

Yesterday, me and family went to Penang for our road trip. I always love Penang. I love Penang because there are a lot of soo delicious food such as pasembur and char kwey teow. The famous one is... NASI KANDAR! It was my 1st experience eating it. Yum!

The stall's name was NASI KANDAR BERATUR! There were lots and lots of people queing at the stall! I wondered why people were queing for it. Then only I knew all of them were queing because the food is soooo delicious. And it is famous in Penang. No wonder it was called nasi kandar beratur.

Luckily, daddy came early so he had the chance to queue in front. He was 4th in the line. We managed to get our food early. But actually we were late for dinner because the stall was OPENED only at 10 pm!

The food had finally arrived at our table! Yummy! The food were rice, meat, kuah and chicken. The chicken and meat were soooooooo tender! Daddy ate nasi kandar with lots and lots of kuah while I ate the rice, meat and chicken only. So yummy! Before this, I didn't know that nasi kandar is famous in Penang.

After we ate, we went back to our hotel. I had a great day and learned new things.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mama's birthday!

On Sunday, me and my family went to Restoran Subak for our lunch. We went there to celebrate mama's birthday! Before everyone came, we took some pictures. We waited until everyone came, then we had our feast!
We ordered our food. I ordered cabonara. After we ordered, we waited for our foods to be served. It was sooo delicious! When everyone were eating, me, Marcel and my sisters heard Marcel's funny jokes. After that, the surprise begun!

SURPRISE!!! There was a cake in front of mama! We sang the birthday song! After singing the birthday song, mama cut the cake and we ate the cake! MMMMM..... So delicious! It is sooo creamy. It is a cheesecake! That was the end of the day!

There was another celebration on Monday. Daddy took us to Pavillion because mama's birthday falls on Tuesday, 22nd January. We ate at a restaurant. I ordered burger but it was too big so I shared it with Ariana. It was delicious. Then, SURPRISE! The cake had arrived ! We sang 'happy birthday' to mama! The cake was WOW!That was the end of the day.

Today, mama came home with joy because mama received hundred stalks of red cherry roses! Daddy gave to mama! This shows that daddy loves mama sooo much! Sooo romantic!

These days are full with happines all along! Happy birthday mama! May ALLAH bless you!


Saturday, 12 January 2013

My Cross Country experience

This was my first time ever participating the Cross Country at Pemaisuri Lake Garden,Cheras at Site 'A'. Let the adventure begun!

First, I registered at the registration counter. The teacher who registered me was Teacher Afni, who taught me Maths last year. After I told her my full name and class, she gave me two pieces of papers. The papers were written with the same number which was '4001'. I think it stands for primary 4 first registration. This is because I came early. After I registered at the counter, I waited for the teacher to brief about the Cross Country and the launching. Oh, I forgot! By the way, the teacher's name is Teacher Surraya.

After she gave the speech, the teachers briefed us about the checkpoints and how many rubber bands we have to collect. After that, all of the students had their breakfast, did the warm up session and read the dua recitation. Then READY, SET, GO!

The Cross Country had begun! I was nervous when my shoes came off, at the moment the run had just started. I' m afraid I am going to lose. Every one was pushing ME! EVERYTIME when I am running, my shoes always came off. Whenever I'm running. Then I put on my shoes immediately. Luckily, mama helped me to put on my shoes again and I continued running.

On the slidy and sloppy parts, I managed to beat some primary students. Then, I saw mama! I was shocked! I taught she was sitting under the shelter. But luckily she ran with me.

After a while, I was soooo tired so I walked. That moment, mama was running behind me, cheering for me. My courage was as high as the mountain that time. When I ran for a little while, I saw my teacher so I ran to her and took the rubber band. That time I was at checkpoint number two. So I ran and ran and ran until I felt that I was discourged without mama. I almost cried when mama came. She patted me and we ran together. What a great time we spent together. That time I had collected four rubber bands. Two more left. So I ran and ran and ran and ran until the finish line! I got the 26th place!

Before the prize giving ceremony, I drank the Vico drink from the yellow Vico van. The healthy chocolate drink. Then, the ceromony began! The 4km champion went to an African girl who ran about nine minutes and four seconds. Congratulations!

It was a great day today! I felt like an outdoor girl! I thanked mama and all the teachers for supporting me. All the best for next year!

Me, posing in front of the banner at Taman Pemaisuri Lake Garden.
Me while warming up!! 1 2 3 JUMP!
Me walking. I was soooo tired.
I heard mama cheering for me. I was running to the finish line!!
The yellow van that provides the healthy chocolate drink
I was sleeping in the car because I am sooooo tired.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

My brilliant experience of the puppet stage

Last week, we did the Puppet Stage. It was an amazing idea from Ariana. So let us get started!

We needed a box, tape, pencil, scissors, paint brush, paints, palette and crayons. First, we took the box and drew a rectagle shape. Then, we cut the rectangle shape to make a hole. And then time to PAINT! We even decorated it! We did the banners, grass and lots more! After that, we did the curtains!

Easy peasy to do the curtains! First, I folded the edge of the fabric. Then I stitched through the folded fabric until the end with the needle and thread. I took a pin and a ribbon and tied them together. After I tied them, I slided through the pin into the fabric through the hole.Then, I PULLED THROUGH the pin at the end of the fabic. And the curtain is done! Then we hanged the curtain using the stapler at the puppet stage.

I ❤ed the decorating part! It was a really good way of helping us to be creative. And I loved Ariana's idea. It was the fun activity.

Me and my sisters painted the stage.
My happy face and my painted hands
We decorated the stage with the fabric flowers
Finally, the sisters enjoyed the puppet stage