Thursday, 10 January 2013

My brilliant experience of the puppet stage

Last week, we did the Puppet Stage. It was an amazing idea from Ariana. So let us get started!

We needed a box, tape, pencil, scissors, paint brush, paints, palette and crayons. First, we took the box and drew a rectagle shape. Then, we cut the rectangle shape to make a hole. And then time to PAINT! We even decorated it! We did the banners, grass and lots more! After that, we did the curtains!

Easy peasy to do the curtains! First, I folded the edge of the fabric. Then I stitched through the folded fabric until the end with the needle and thread. I took a pin and a ribbon and tied them together. After I tied them, I slided through the pin into the fabric through the hole.Then, I PULLED THROUGH the pin at the end of the fabic. And the curtain is done! Then we hanged the curtain using the stapler at the puppet stage.

I ❤ed the decorating part! It was a really good way of helping us to be creative. And I loved Ariana's idea. It was the fun activity.

Me and my sisters painted the stage.
My happy face and my painted hands
We decorated the stage with the fabric flowers
Finally, the sisters enjoyed the puppet stage