Thursday, 11 June 2015

Under the Pressure


Pressure. Have you guys ever experienced being under the pressure? I do. A lot. Sometimes, I cannot endure it until I become mad and frustrated.

Being the oldest sister is bad enough. Me, a 12-year old kid, having to lead my three other siblings is a huge responsibility. 

First of all, I want to talk about how I deal with my siblings. I know I always get told of by them. It's like, they are controlling me, and believe me it is not fun. So, I end up talking harshly to them. They are so emotional because when I advise them a little, one of them starts to cry and then the other just curses me or whatever. The main point is, I always lose. Sometimes when I'm in a good mood, you know, wanting to have fun for a while, I start laughing and joking with them. After a couple of minutes, one of them starts crying. 😔

Secondly, it's about how I receive the comments. It's about me and my second little sibling, C.H.G ( Curly Hair Girl ). We frequently fight. Sometimes, I feel that I always get the blame. Even when I'm in a good mood, it's ruined all because of  the mean comments. I mean c'mon people! Stop interfering in our business! I'm just sayin'! It's like my siblings are pure angels and I'm the opposite.😇 v.s 👿 

Last but not least, it is how my siblings treat me. It's not like I'm perfect, but I hate the most when my siblings act really nice in front of other people ( especially my mom, no offence ) but when they do wrong, and I advise them ( because it's my responsibility, duh! ), they [ either one ] would be like," Urgh, Sha sha! It's none of your business! "

And I will be like, " Well, I am just saying! (sigh) Alright,alright!" 

See? Ok, I now could see the disadvantages of being the eldest, but in the future, I'll be glad I did! 

Well, that's all for now. Byee!

Teehee<3 😜😝😛C 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

My extra-vaganza fashion show experience


Been a while since I last blogged! More than half a year. It's so cool to write in here again.

One week before the fashion show.......

My mom told me I was going to be one of the models for the Kidz Fashion show. I was so bewildered! 

Day of fashion show.....

I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I felt so anxious. Well, because we're almost late! Man, that wasn't really a good impression. Luckily, it was just the nick of time.

Upon arriving the make-up room (better still, changing room too), I was so dumbfounded! I saw a lot of lady models wearing super beautiful and gorgeous jubahs. I watched them in astonishment.

Mak Cik Manis asked me to change into the  jubah. I was so dazzled after I changed. It has a neutral brown colour and I finished the look with a pinkish brown scarf. 

Next was the  make-up! I have been waiting for ages. The make-up artist served me. I was so speechless with my final look.

I also met my new friends, Najeehah, Camilia and Aishah. They were so adorable. They're about nine to eleven. We introduced ourselves and eventually, we made friends. We chatted and laughed the whole day. 

By the time for the catwalk ; I've got a stage fright! I was so scared out of my wits. But Najeehah and Aishah told my to regain composure and relax. I felt so much better and excited. Thanks my fellow supporters! Haha!!

The next thing I knew, the lady in charge instructed us to make a line and wait for our turns to catwalk on stage. I thought I would die on the spot of nervousness.

As we got on the stage, I did my best to walk properly and relax. I tried my best to put on a brave face and smiled.  After the performance was over, it felt like a ton of burden was off my shoulders. I felt as light as a feather. 

Then, I had to say goodbye to all of my friends. It is so honorable meeting them. Just in a few hours, we're already friends.

That was it! I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog entry for today! 


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Rui Rui the dolphin

It was a lovely day on Wednesday, 17th September 2014. It was my best day ever. This was because I got to have fun with the dolphin, Rui Rui.

It all started when we went to Sentosa Island, Singapore. Since my dad decided to park his car at Johor Baharu, we went there by my tok alang's van. It was a very long journey, so I decided to sleep.

As we arrived there, we changed into our swimming suits. After that, we learned facts about dolphins from our experienced instructor. 

Dolphins are mammals, so they have hair and breathe air through their blowhole. It has a lot of hair when the dolphin is small. When it grows older, the hair start to fall off. Their fin, called the Dorset, has their own unique shape. The dolphins are very friendly. They also eat 5-6 buckets of squid and  fish every day, depending on the age of the dolphin. The older they are, more buckets of squid and fish  will be eaten by them.

Next, we went to the pool where dolphins are trained.  We met the cool dolphin called Rui Rui. It is a male dolphin and it is 7 years old.  He's very cute! 

That's us with Rui Rui!!!!

Rui Rui showed us some awesome  tricks. Rui Rui will squeak if we clapped our hands. When we twirled, he will dance. He's so adorable! Plus, there's a photographer taking our pictures with the little dolphin!!

After that, we went out of the pool and took our shower. It is because we must clean ourself from the salty water. So, we must remove the impurities. 

After a while, we went to the photo booth and saw our pictures with cute Rui Rui. We looked fabulous in that picture!!!

Overall, this was a fun experience because we got to interact and play with the dolphins. In my opinion, we love to explore deeply about dolphins. Hope you guys give it a try! Good luck!


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Poem - Mossy forest, Cameron Highlands

The trip to the mossy forest, 
At Mount Brinchang, 
The high elevation, 
And cold weather.

Ups and downs, 
Here we go,
To the mossy forest, 
Wait for us.

We're at the borderline of Pahang and Perak,
We're at the boundary of two states,
On top of the Banjaran Titiwangsa,
What an interesting fact.

As high as sky, 
As I touch the clouds,
Look at Allah's creations, 
Isn't it beautiful?

Let's explore the forest,
There's a lot to see,
As the mossy forest welcomes us,
Let's see.

Look at the moss, 
It's so unique,
Not like other plants,
It grows in a low temperature.

Let's snap pictures, 
At the forest,
As we take our leave,
See you someday!

What a memorable trip,
Hope we could see this forest again,
Lot's of knowledge and experience,
Won't you try to go there?

We're at the mossy forest, Cameron Highland. Let's explore!!!!!!!!

That's me, at the borderline of Pahang and Perak. Awesome!!!!

That's us, exploring the forest.

Does mama and daddy want to be explorers too??

Wednesday, 30 April 2014


We had a blast on my last trip. We went to a paddy field! We had a fun, awesome and delightful time there, at Sungai Besar.

As we hopped in the car, we had a companion. Guess who? AUNTY IZZA! She will be following us to the trip. After everything's settled, mama drove the car! VROOM,VROOM! The journey to Sungai Besar took HOURS, so I slept.

When we arrived, I saw a house. House? Oh, it's our home stay. We went inside and we changed our clothes. Then, we went out again and went to 'Restaurant Mee Udang'. It's famous with mee udang and chendol. We ate the mee udang. It's SOOO yummy ( but spicy).

Look at the cendol and mee udang! It makes you hungry, Isn't it?

After we ate, we went to a place where people played the kite, a wide paddy field. Before that, we went inside the building and saw an old man holding kites. Me and my sisters each took one of the kite and decorated it. We decorated with the paper butterflies. It's SOO cute!

That's us, making our kite! 

Aren't you suprised Arlia could play the kite??????
Then, we played with the kite. It's so hard. I didn't even fly up the kite but the others can. But after mama told me that ''we also learn something from failure'', all my sadness in my heart just went away. We went inside the car and saw the beautiful scenery of the paddy field.

Aunty Izza was sooo clever!! Keep it up!!!!

While we're still in the car, we saw three women in front of a house. What's so interesting? We stopped by in front of the house and greeted them. After chatting a little, one of the women said,'' We own some of the paddy field,  mango trees, goat's stable etc.'' That's a lot!

The fish was fresh from the river!!!!

We went to the goat's stable and saw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7 goats. We fed them with leaves. There's also fire to keep them warm at night. After feeding them, we went in the car and visited the cow stable. We saw different type of cows. We saw the black, white, black and white etc.

That's Ariana, feeding the goats at the stable.

Look at the beautiful scenery at the paddy field!!
After discovering, we went to a restaurant and took away the food. It was rice, tomyam, soup, vegetables and chicken. We straight away went to our home stay, took our bath and ate! Yum, the food was so delicious! Then, we drew a little and went to sleep. GOOD NIGHT!

THE NEXT DAY........

I woke up early in the morning and bought breakfast. We decided to buy bread and sardine at Petronas, but there's none. So, we went somewhere else. Guess what? We saw a stall! Yay! Finally, we could buy the food! We bought nasi lemak, doughnut, karipap and apam. Then, we went to our home stay and had breakfast. Delicious!

After that, we went to the RIVER! We wanted to swim there, but we can't because it's TOO DEEP! So, we used the alternative way. We swam at the 'palong'. It's not deep but flowed VERY QUICKLY! The water came from the mountain, then flowed to the forest, then to the 'palong' and down to the paddy field. The further we swam, the faster the water was flowing.

That's us, at the palong!!!

Atuk demonstrated to us how paddy is seeding!

Then, we dried up and we went for........ FISHING. It's not my favourite activity ( 'cause I've tried fishing before ) because it's so hard. Unlike Ariana, she LOVVVVEEEES fishing so much. She would never give up. At the end, we didn't caught any fish which was frustrating. Especially for Ariana. All she wanted to do was fishing

That's us, running  at the 'batas sawah' 

We're fishing at the river. Ariana's enjoying!!!

After that, we went to our home stay and packed up our things. Once everything's settled, we hopped in the car. Bye Sungai Besar!

The mak cik burned the mentarang. It's SOOOO yummy. Don't believe me?  

We're gonna find sugarcane! VROOM! Off we go!

This was the most knowledgeble trip I've ever had. We went to the paddy field, palong, played the kite, etc. Thanks mama! Thanks everyone!!!!!!!! How could I repay your kindness????? Such a wonderful experience.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I'M AN EXPLORER ( National Museum )


I'm gonna tell you guys about my experience in NATIONAL MUSEUM! It's a very cool place, exciting and knowledgable.

That's the entrance of the National Museum. We're happily posing! We can't wait to enter  and explore the museum! 
As we arrived, we bought the ticket and guess what we saw? A disabled man selling keychain made up of 'dawai'. We bought three keychains with our name written. Then we're off!

We went to the museum. When we entered Gallery A, we saw a volunteer! She's Kak Aina. She's gonna guide us a tour. What a blast start for us. 

That's us in a village posing for our pictures. PEACE!

At Gallery A, she showed us something! It's about the Stone Age. The Stone Age was divided into three catagories. Paleotik, Epi - Paleotik and Neolitik. During that time, people lived in caves. Besides that, she also showed us about the Metal Age. The Metal Age occured during 3000 AD. The evidence of this era was the Dongson Bell, Bronze Drum, Meenhers,etc. After that, we discovered about Proto Historic Age. It's about how Hindu Buddhist culture exist in Southeast Asia. That's so..... Ancient.😟

Now it's time for Gallery B! I got to know about Malaysian History! It was borned 250 million years ago. During that time, people all over the world came to Malacca by ships to trade. Among the items they traded were silk, textile, spices etc. Their trading businesses were getting even better year by year. On the 13-14th century, Malacca was a famous and powerful kingdom. Since that, Malacca became the centre of Islam. Islam was then spreaded to South East Asia.

That's me, jotting down notes all the way about our exploration.

Last but not least, it's time for Gallery C. It's the time when the Potugese, Japanese, Dutch and the British tried to conquer Tanah Melayu. The Portugese conquered Tanah Melayu in 1511. They also built a port called A Famosa until Dutch captured in return. Then, Dutch ruled for another 150 years. More than a century! Then, British ruled Tanah Melayu until the independence day. The British gave a lot of contributions such as introducing the rubber tapping, better tin mining process, etc. Wow! What a lot of contributions British contributed to Tanah Melayu! 😋

We had fun! That was great and fruitful trip! Well, we said bye- bye to Kak Aina and salam her. I'm so thankful to her for guiding us a tour. Now what?😕 Remember the keychain? We went to that guy and took our keychain! Wow! He's so TALENTED! 😇

YAYYYY! Our keychains are done! that's so COOL!

Overall, I had soooo much fun and gaining knowledge,too. Didn't believe me? Ask mama. The place was awesome, Kak Aina was soo nice. Beyond that! I knew loads of history.

You guys MUST GO THERE! Then, tell me your experience in the comments. I hope you had fun reading and......

TOODLES! ( Teehee <3 font="">

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Going to the saloon

A few days ago, me, Ariana and mama went........ To the SALOON!

 Since the saloon was not far from our house, so we arrived there in minutes.

At the saloon, mama decided that we should have straight hair 'cause our hair  always bloom (kembang). To start with, the hairdressers cut my hair to the shoulder length while Ariana's to the neck length. After that, the hairdressers straighten our hair by using the iron and some tools that I didn't know. Next, they washed our hair using the shampoo. After that, they continue straigtening our hair. Later on, they washed our hair using the hair treatment. Lastly, they straighten our hair again. 

After almost three hours...... JENG JENG JENG! Our hair were done. We were so happy and grateful. Thanks mama! We love our new hairstyle because it's SO SOFT AND NEAT AND EASY TO COMB!  THANKS TO YOU! 😀😀😀