Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I'M AN EXPLORER ( National Museum )


I'm gonna tell you guys about my experience in NATIONAL MUSEUM! It's a very cool place, exciting and knowledgable.

That's the entrance of the National Museum. We're happily posing! We can't wait to enter  and explore the museum! 
As we arrived, we bought the ticket and guess what we saw? A disabled man selling keychain made up of 'dawai'. We bought three keychains with our name written. Then we're off!

We went to the museum. When we entered Gallery A, we saw a volunteer! She's Kak Aina. She's gonna guide us a tour. What a blast start for us. 

That's us in a village posing for our pictures. PEACE!

At Gallery A, she showed us something! It's about the Stone Age. The Stone Age was divided into three catagories. Paleotik, Epi - Paleotik and Neolitik. During that time, people lived in caves. Besides that, she also showed us about the Metal Age. The Metal Age occured during 3000 AD. The evidence of this era was the Dongson Bell, Bronze Drum, Meenhers,etc. After that, we discovered about Proto Historic Age. It's about how Hindu Buddhist culture exist in Southeast Asia. That's so..... Ancient.😟

Now it's time for Gallery B! I got to know about Malaysian History! It was borned 250 million years ago. During that time, people all over the world came to Malacca by ships to trade. Among the items they traded were silk, textile, spices etc. Their trading businesses were getting even better year by year. On the 13-14th century, Malacca was a famous and powerful kingdom. Since that, Malacca became the centre of Islam. Islam was then spreaded to South East Asia.

That's me, jotting down notes all the way about our exploration.

Last but not least, it's time for Gallery C. It's the time when the Potugese, Japanese, Dutch and the British tried to conquer Tanah Melayu. The Portugese conquered Tanah Melayu in 1511. They also built a port called A Famosa until Dutch captured in return. Then, Dutch ruled for another 150 years. More than a century! Then, British ruled Tanah Melayu until the independence day. The British gave a lot of contributions such as introducing the rubber tapping, better tin mining process, etc. Wow! What a lot of contributions British contributed to Tanah Melayu! 😋

We had fun! That was great and fruitful trip! Well, we said bye- bye to Kak Aina and salam her. I'm so thankful to her for guiding us a tour. Now what?😕 Remember the keychain? We went to that guy and took our keychain! Wow! He's so TALENTED! 😇

YAYYYY! Our keychains are done! that's so COOL!

Overall, I had soooo much fun and gaining knowledge,too. Didn't believe me? Ask mama. The place was awesome, Kak Aina was soo nice. Beyond that! I knew loads of history.

You guys MUST GO THERE! Then, tell me your experience in the comments. I hope you had fun reading and......

TOODLES! ( Teehee <3 font="">