Monday, 30 April 2012

my trip to PWTC.

Yesterday, I went to PWTC. It was exciting. First, I took my shoes and went inside the library. All the students of primary 2 and 3 need to write their names on a piece of paper. Then, I wore my shoes. While waiting for the bus, the teachers told the students to choose a partner and told the rules. The reason I went there because my marks for english was 90. My partner was Qinthara Nazhifa Herwan.  She was an indonesian people. Then, we both went into the bus.

We had arrived at PWTC. We need to hold hands with our partner for safety. Inside the book fair, we saw lots of books. There were story books, comics, revision books, etc. I bought 2 books. I bought the book in a shop. I bought cars 2 book and a book called 'Anis'. That book was a comic. The cars 2 book was the book called ' How To Make And Do'.  Those books were colourful, big and creative.

Next, I watched a show. I watched people telling stories. There was a women telling stories. We called her mamatok. The tittle of the stories were 'Pencemaran' and another one it's about a fly. Her story was funny. Then, I went for lunch with my friends. I ate rice, fish, chicken and  vegetables.  I watched another show.

 After watching the show, we waited for our  teachers because they bought some books. We waited for the teacher for quite long. So, the driver of the bus brought us out of PWTC to wait for the teachers. When the teachers had arrived, we went inside the bus. I slept in the bus because I was tired. But I still had fun.

I wish I can go to PWTC next year. IT's fun to read books. We can gain knowledge because of reading books and finding new words.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The experience to pasar tani

Today, I went to Pasar Tani. First, I woke up, took my bath, wore my clothes, comb my hair and ate my breakfast.  Later, me and my mother were ready to go to pasar tani. We went to the pasar tani near Melawati.  Over there, I saw lots of people selling and buying. There 's a big crowd and it's noisy. Some people were bargaining and talking. I  saw people selling lots of food, some plants and also  balloons. Some people asked for donations. We bought crabs, fishes, squids, vegetables, chickens, kuih and fruits.

After we've done, we put all  the things inside the car. My mother drove me home. I helped my mother to carry the things. Some were heavy and some were not. My sisters helped us too.  I felt so happy going to pasar tani. It was because I can help my mother. I think its a good deeds to help parents. I will get reward on Akhirah. I think  I want go to pasar tani again during my free time.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Nenek 's birthday

Today it was nenek's birthday. It was held at the hotel. It was named Carcosa. She invited my aunties, uncles, cousin named Marcel and Adelia, me and my sisters and finally my parents. All of us had a good time.

My father drove me and my family to the hotel. Upon arrival, we shook hands with other extended families. Then, we sat on the dining table for us to eat. While waiting for the waiter to serve the foods, I wrote a card to nenek. I wished her for her good health and had a long live. Then, we ordered the foods. There were two choices. One of the food was an english food while another one was the malay food.
I chose both of them because they were yummy. Everybody chose the different  foods. I think they were enjoying their foods.

After  eating, me, Marcel and my sisters played. We played hide and seek. It was fun and exciting.

Then, it was the time for us to sing a 'Happy Birthday Song' for nenek. Then, we cut the cake and nenek blowed the candle. Then, nenek received a present. It was gold, beautiful and shiny bracelet. She was happy.

After that, all of us  went upstairs to see the hotel's room. We saw big room, bedroom and bathroom. From the balcony, I saw the beautiful garden. It was a beautiful scenery.

Finally, it's time for us to go home. We shook hands and waved goodbye. It was a fun day.

I love birthday celebration!!! I love party!!!