Thursday, 29 September 2011

My Dream Robot

I wish I can have 2 robots. 1st one is to help me clean my room. 2nd one is to help me make my bed. The purpose I have 2 robots is to clean my stuff.  I don't want to clean up my stuff by myself because I'm so tired doing all the task myself.

My 1st robot is yellow in colour. My 2nd robot is pink in colour. I want to write about my first robot. My 1st robot has a lot and a lot of tools. The tools are screwdriver, hammer and a lot  more. It has 3 buttons. The colour of the 1st button is red. The colour of the 2nd button is green. The colour of the 3rd button is blue.  Now, I want to write about my 2nd robot. My 2nd robot has no tools but hands instead.

I want to keep at a very very safe place so that my sisters can't touch and see. This is because I don't want them to spoil and lost my robots. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My 7th Birthday

Today, I want to write about my last year birthday party. I celebrated my birthday party at K Club Taman Melawati. I invited my classmates, Scholar Base friend and also my cousins.

My mother organized my birthday party. The theme was The Mermaid. The place was very beautiful. There were a lot of blue cakes and blue balloons. There were a lot of blue colour things because it is like the colour of the blue big ocean. I was the Queen Of Oceania. I was so happy to be the Queen Of Oceania because I can wear my silver shiny tiara and show my mermaid dress that my mother sewn for  me. 

Then, we went to the pool. We swam, splashed around and did a lot of activities! I love to swim! We took a lot of pictures. I played with my friends. We rode on the big slippery slide. Me and my friends were all wet after swimming in the pool. We were happy. We laughed, hop around and enjoyed ourselves.

Now, I'm talking about my blue beautiful tasty cake. On my cake, there were  a lot of seashells. However, it was not a real seashell. It was a fake seashell. There was a tag too. There was my name on the tag. I think my cake was marvelous.

This is a picture of me. I smiled in the picture. I looked very happy in the picture. This is because I was really really happy!!

Monday, 26 September 2011


What is F.R.I.E.N.D?  Friend is someone that is very close to you. Someone that is kind to you and also someone that help you when you are in trouble.

I have  friends at school. They are Alexandria, Arthi, Elyssa, Sophia Baktiar, Sophia Lim and Emily. All are girls!!! I like to make friend with the girls. They are kind-hearted and polite. However, I did not like some of the girls because they like to show off. They said that they are beautiful and sometimes they bully other people.

Boys?? I think boys are quite rough. I feel unhappy about the boys. I only like 2 boys. They are Adam F and Ian. I like them because they are different. They are different because they behave well.

I wish I can have a best friend because I want somebody to help me when I am in trouble. I also want to help my best friend. I want to share everything that I do and about my thought. For now, I only have friends but I have no best friend yet.

My Poor Day

Today is Monday. I vomited at school. It happened in the canteen during lunch, in the classroom during Bahasa Melayu lesson ,  and also in the toilet. I am very very sad. I really want to go home to rest. I want my mum very very much.

I was messy just now. My uniform are dirty. My vomit is very disgusting. I went to the office to get my new uniform. Then, I change in the toilet. But then, I throw up again! Oh! Poor me.

At home, I felt very sad because my mum is not home. I want my mother to accompany me. My mother still at office. I decided to call her. I felt better. Then, I off to bed. I need to rest.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Here  are some tips for you to follow while blogging darling..


My Vacation.

Last school holidays, I went to Australia with my cousins, sisters, parents, and grandparents. Oppss!! and also my uncles and aunties. We went to few places such as Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

In Melbourne, the most exciting thing was we saw the penguinsssssssssss! I accidently met my classmate, Chloe. She also went there for vacation. All the penguins went back to their barrow. The scenery was beautiful and gorgeous. However, I dissatisfied because I can't touch them.

Sydney is a big busy city near the sea. We saw a lot of ferries there. I saw the famous Oprah House. But I don't know what is so special about it. I  think it is stunning.

Gold Coast is the best of all! You  know why? Because I went to Sea World. Over there, we rode on the ferry to see the whales. I feel dizzy and I vomited. I did not like it but I like the whales. After finished riding, I was given a card to comment about the ride. So I wrote a lot  and a lot of comments.

Next was Theme Park. I love! I love! I love! I rode on the spooky Scobby Doo roller  coster, bumpy bumpy bumper cars and a lot of games and rides. We watched the pirate show. It was amazing! And we watched the car show too! I took picture with batman. He was a brave super hero.

Finally, Brisbane. Over there, I went to the flea market. Someone painted our face. I was sooooooo happy.My face turned colourful as a butterfly.The next day, we went home. Before that, we bought  a lot and a lot of things.

I felt sooooooo soooooooooo happy. I wish I go again.

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Yesterday, my mother and father went for a wedding. The whole family can go but something happened. I have an eye infection!!!!! Oh..NO!!!!! I can't go to see the bride and the groom.

Instead of going to the wedding, we went to the clinic to check my eyes. Doctor said my eyes were red. It was conjunctivitis. What is conjunctivitis???? I  never heard the word before. I think conjunctivitis is something to do with the eyes. I learnt a new word .

I can't go to the wedding because I have to stay home and rest. I feel sad. But my mother try to please me. She bought me a stationary set. I feel sooooooo happy and thankful.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Yesterday, somebody came  and visited me and my sisters. Who are they? They are Lana, Alayna, and aunty Haiza. We played ball, drew and did a lot of things. We made an I/C. Lana did her I/C too. We explained about the I/C to Lana. She found out it was fun. After we had finished our I/C, then we played ball. We caught the ball and throw it into the basket.

Alayna is Lana's baby sister. She slept in the car-seat. I think she is cute and adorable. I want a baby boy because baby boy is brave. He can protects us when he grows up. I also think he will be cute and adorable just like Alayna.

Aunty Haiza and me had a chatted. I did not remember what we chat about but I felt so happy.

I wish Lana and her family can visit us again or maybe my family can go to her house. So, we can meet each other and play together.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I WON!!!

Today at Scholar Base, I won a competition. It was a reading competition. Uncle Terrance asked the whole class to read a paragraph from our book. Then, he judged our reading. The criteria were loud, clear, pronunciation, intonation and fluency. I got the highest point. I won a red shiny bracelet.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Today my mother  fetched me from school. My mother surprised me! She called my name loudly in the library.

After that, I accompanied her for massage at Ampang point. She had a back pain. The masseur massaged mama's back.The masseur put warm water with medicine.It takes 1 hour. While the masseur massage mama, I played mama's Iphone. I wrote notes, looked at photos, changed wallpaper and many things. I also  ate Mc Donald's. I ate McChicken and fries. After we had finished we went back home.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Last 2 days, my mother scolded me. The reason was because my mother found  out that I borrowed the book but I did not read the book. When we reached home, daddy told  us that we  have  to tell the truth. Then,my mother  explained the reason to us.The reason to read books because they give us knowledge. I have to gain a lot of knowledge. After listening to my parents,I understand what we have to do.My mother,me and Ariana  cried and hug each other. Then we felt better.

Monday, 12 September 2011


For Hari Raya, we went to Mersing. Mersing is my mother's village. At Mersing, we visited my mother's mother, my grandmother's sister and brothers'. During Hari Raya, everybody went to the mosque and pray.Then, we invited my father's family, cousin and relatives to my mother's village.We played with our relatives and cousins.I ate  nasi impit with rendang. After we had done eating, we got our duit raya .

It is fun to celebrate Hari Raya at Mersing with all my relatives and cousins.


Tonight, I had tuition at Scholar Base. At Scholar Base, I played games, answered questions and read my story books.

The name of the game is neighbour. The rules are:
1. Everybody has to sit down at their seats.
2. One person have to stand up and ask question to others,do you like your neighbour?
3. If the answer is yes, everybody has to change their places.
4. If the answer is no, the person who say no have to pick 2 people to stand up.
5. The 2 people that stand up have to quickly run and switch place.
6. The person who asked question also have to run for the chair.
7. Three people are fighting for two chairs.
8. The one who failed to get the chair has to stand up and repeat again.

I felt so happy because we can run to switch place, laugh and chase around.

Tonight, I also continued reading my storybook. The tittle of the book is 5 Children and ItI read 2 and a half chapter. After that, my teacher asked everybody questions about the book. I managed to answer some questions.

When I had finished, we went back home happily.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Open House

Just now,my family went to open house for Hari Raya. I ate nasi impit with chicken rendang. After that, I played with my cousin and relatives. We played hide and seek, police and thief and pepsi cola. We enjoyed our day.

Then,we took our family picture. I took picture with my sisters together with my nenek and her  sisters. I  have two sisters. Nenek has two sisters too.

I am looking forward to play with my cousin and relatives again.

My New Journal

Today is my first day write my new journal. Last time,I wrote my journal in my journal book.I feel so happy writing my journal in mama's computer.Last time,I felt happy writing my journal in my journal book.Now, I am so happy writing my journal in mama's computer.

I am happy with this journal because I can type. I am happy because the computer can check my spelling.This computer is magic and interesting. I think this computer makes me feel so happy. I want to write my journal everyday.

My mother create this  for me. I love it very much. I thank my mother for creating this for me.