Sunday, 25 September 2011

My Vacation.

Last school holidays, I went to Australia with my cousins, sisters, parents, and grandparents. Oppss!! and also my uncles and aunties. We went to few places such as Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

In Melbourne, the most exciting thing was we saw the penguinsssssssssss! I accidently met my classmate, Chloe. She also went there for vacation. All the penguins went back to their barrow. The scenery was beautiful and gorgeous. However, I dissatisfied because I can't touch them.

Sydney is a big busy city near the sea. We saw a lot of ferries there. I saw the famous Oprah House. But I don't know what is so special about it. I  think it is stunning.

Gold Coast is the best of all! You  know why? Because I went to Sea World. Over there, we rode on the ferry to see the whales. I feel dizzy and I vomited. I did not like it but I like the whales. After finished riding, I was given a card to comment about the ride. So I wrote a lot  and a lot of comments.

Next was Theme Park. I love! I love! I love! I rode on the spooky Scobby Doo roller  coster, bumpy bumpy bumper cars and a lot of games and rides. We watched the pirate show. It was amazing! And we watched the car show too! I took picture with batman. He was a brave super hero.

Finally, Brisbane. Over there, I went to the flea market. Someone painted our face. I was sooooooo happy.My face turned colourful as a butterfly.The next day, we went home. Before that, we bought  a lot and a lot of things.

I felt sooooooo soooooooooo happy. I wish I go again.


Mama said...

Arisha Sayang..

Mama just added some pictures to your latest entry. Hope you like it dear. I always love you

Anis Hadi said...

Hi Arisha, I'm a junior in your mother's school, Auntie Anis..Good job on your writing dear..Interesting stories you have here ;-)

One advise I have for you is maybe you can request for a dictionary to improve your writing skills (If you dont have one at home)..The one which has translation from English to Malay and Malay to English..I have one too :) When I cant think of the word in English, I will look for the Malay word in the dictionary for the translation in English..This will also improve your vocabulary..

Happy writing dear..Will drop by from time to time to enjoy your interesting stories..Take care!

Amna Nafeesa said...

Dear Arisha, I LOVE Australia too it is my kampung..hehe... oh and the penguins home is not called barrow but burrow. Like a rabbit's burrow. Nice writing!

Nurul said...

good job arisha! Keep on writing ok!~aunty nurul ~

Atuk said...

Assalamualaikum Arisha,

Ini Atuk. I enjoyed reading your blog. You made good story. Continue writing. I will always read what you write. One day you will be a very good writer. Love you.

Atuk said...

Assalamualaikum Arisha,

Yes. Atuk also enjoyed going on holiday with Mama, Daddy, Nenek, Mak Long, Marcel, Mak Lang, Pak Lang, Asu, Adilia, Ariana and Alia.

Maybe we can go on holiday again some other time.

Amna Nafeesa said...

nice one Aisha!!I love to rea your blog! why don't you let other people comment on other posts?I'm sure it would be a LOT nicer,besides,Ithink many other's like it too!!