Thursday, 22 September 2011


Yesterday, somebody came  and visited me and my sisters. Who are they? They are Lana, Alayna, and aunty Haiza. We played ball, drew and did a lot of things. We made an I/C. Lana did her I/C too. We explained about the I/C to Lana. She found out it was fun. After we had finished our I/C, then we played ball. We caught the ball and throw it into the basket.

Alayna is Lana's baby sister. She slept in the car-seat. I think she is cute and adorable. I want a baby boy because baby boy is brave. He can protects us when he grows up. I also think he will be cute and adorable just like Alayna.

Aunty Haiza and me had a chatted. I did not remember what we chat about but I felt so happy.

I wish Lana and her family can visit us again or maybe my family can go to her house. So, we can meet each other and play together.