Monday, 26 September 2011


What is F.R.I.E.N.D?  Friend is someone that is very close to you. Someone that is kind to you and also someone that help you when you are in trouble.

I have  friends at school. They are Alexandria, Arthi, Elyssa, Sophia Baktiar, Sophia Lim and Emily. All are girls!!! I like to make friend with the girls. They are kind-hearted and polite. However, I did not like some of the girls because they like to show off. They said that they are beautiful and sometimes they bully other people.

Boys?? I think boys are quite rough. I feel unhappy about the boys. I only like 2 boys. They are Adam F and Ian. I like them because they are different. They are different because they behave well.

I wish I can have a best friend because I want somebody to help me when I am in trouble. I also want to help my best friend. I want to share everything that I do and about my thought. For now, I only have friends but I have no best friend yet.