Friday, 22 November 2013

Tkrs camp

On 26/9/2013, I went to camp at Ulu Yam for TKRS. This was a survival camp. I can't wait to go there!

Soon as I arrived at school, everyone from p4 until p6 gathered at Dataran Ilmi. Everyone was ready to go to Ulu Yam.They already packed the supplies they need to bring. Everyone wore their TKRS uniform.

When the bus arrived, everyone when to different buses following the primary level. Everyone sat at the place provided with their partners. My partner was Aishah. We enjoyed watching the view by the window.

Half an hour later, we arrived at Ulu Yam. Then, the teacher in charge gave us a short briefing. After that, we ate breakfast and SETTED THE TENT! Since we were P4, we didn't know to set the tent yet. A primary 6 girl help set the tent for me and my members. The members were Aishah, Siham,Fatimah, me, Sofea and Hidayati ( Hida for short )

After setting the tent, we played a game called 'Running man'. We made a line following sections. Then, we.... STARTED THE GAME! And guess what? My group, P4,section1 get the 3rd place! Yahoo! As a present, our section got KIT KAT!

After the tired but fun game, we had lunch. This lunch is different. Gross food? NO food? Nah, we get to COOK the food! Hida brought Brahim's 'daging rempah'. Oh, I just love Brahim's! Then, we washed the dishes! What a yummy lunch.

Then, we took our wudu' and pray Asr. After that, we did a letter to myself. It's to write the goals to ourself. Then, we practiced base. Later on, we had dinner. It is 'ayam rempah'. It's........ YOU GUESS IT. Brahim's!

After a moment of dinner, we went to the musolla and prayed Maghrib. After that, we read al mathurat for a moment and prayed Isyak. Uztaz Shafwan gave us a briefing where to go. Later on, we started our journey to a place not far from our tent.

In the middle of the journey, I was afraid because it's DARK. I quickly ran to the place Uztaz instructed. As soon everyone arrived, teacher will start the evaluation. After an hour......... We finished the evaluation and NIGHTWALK TIME!

At first I was scared but after a while, it was great. The nightwalk was sooo awesome, but I always fall down and had injuries. My friend, Fatimah, was so scared she wanted to cry. I feel so sorry but the same time, annoyed because she squished my hand.

I had a blast! After the nightwalk, I doze off!

THE NEXT DAY.........

We woke up at 6:00 am. We prayed Subuh. After praying, we went to a place where we will have......... THE OBSTACLE RACE! It was challenging but fun. But, this was the MOST horrible part in the obstacle race. GETTING IN THE MUD! Gross! The teacher said it's healthy for our skin. I didn't think so.

When I saw the mud, I wanted to quit! Teacher Lin said with a sneer," You rather go inside or a frog will come to you." What? I have no choice but go inside the mud. After a few minutes of the mud DISASTER, teacher brought us somewhere.

As I saw the place, I dived in! IT WAS A RIVER! I had a blast!

After that, we prayed Zohor and had lunch. Later on...... BA BYE ULU YAM! 😢

I will never forget this great camp! I had a blast! I ❤️ Ulu Yam! 👍