Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Back To School

Today, I want to tell all of you a story entitle "Back To School"

This is the story about Chloe and Dani. This is the story about their school. Chloe didn't like Mrs. Clark because she was a strict teacher. She liked to be in Mr. Stavor's class because he was a nice funny teacher.

Chloe was not good in Mathematics but she was good in writing stories. For Mathematics, Mrs.Clark asked all the kids to do the sums quickly. She can't imagine how to do that and she wasn't brainy in Maths. But she was good in writing stories.The first thing Mrs. Clark asked all of them to do was to write the story about the holiday. Then, Mrs.Clark, chosed who was the best. Chloe was the best!!!!

After that, Mrs. Clark chosed who was the pet monitor and who was the lunch monitor. Chloe was the pet monitor and Dani was the lunch monitor. And then, Mrs. Clark asked  Chloe to take care of the class pet. Their names were Snippy and Snappy. She was scared of the pets because they had sharp claws. But, her duty was to take care of the pets and not to be afraid of the pets.

Next, Mrs. Clark asked everyone to do Maths. But she didn't do anything because she didn't know how to do it. Mrs. Clark asked her to stay back. She and Mrs. Clark had a conversation about her studies. She wasn't good in Maths but good in writing stories. Mrs. Clark showed her the story that she wrote. She got 2 big ticks. She felt very happy. Mrs. Clark explained that everybody was not intelligent in everything. But we can learn. Mrs. Clark teached her the maths slowly and repeatedly. Finally, she understood. 

During lunch, Chloe came to Dani and her friends to apologize for what had happened. They had a fight earlier. They finally became friends again. They performed their own performances during the assembly. Chloe read her story about the holidays. The audience clapped their hands after she read the story especially her gang and Mrs. Clark.

1) we have to ask  for help when we are in trouble. Do not be quiet
2) everyone is not good at everything. So, learn & improve!
3) we have to try to be brave in doing something.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

my class party

On Friday, I had a class party. We celebrated the class party in the classroom. We brought a lot of foods and drinks. The foods were pizza, sandwiches, mamme, curry puffs and a lot of more. The water were 100 Plus, orange juice, Coca Cola and mineral water. The foods were delicious and yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

The foods that I ate were pizza, sweets, twisties and the drinks that I drank are 100 Plus and Coca Cola. In the classroom, we were talking and walking around and the classroom became noisy. Then, our teacher, Ms Chong, asked us to sit down at our places and asked us to be quiet.

This is the end of school. We hugged our teacher, Ms Chong. Then, I asked all the girls to write their signature at a piece of paper except Chloe, Layla, Lee Wei Wen and Jessica. You know why? I really wanted to ask them to write their signature but it was too late. The bell rang and the school hour had finished. And that was the end of my class party.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

My Concert & Prize Giving Day.

Yesterday  was 19th November 2011. I woke up in the morning and I felt very excited because I was going to my  school concert and also my Prize Giving Day . After bath, I put on  my cowgirl costume. Then, I went down to eat my breakfast. After I had my breakfast, I was ready to go.

My mum drove me to Risda, Ampang where we were having my concert. My sisters and maid followed me to my concert. They all wanted to watch me performed my dance and received my prize. But my father did not come with us  because he got work to do at China. However, he 'sms'ed us to tell that he really wanted to come to my concert, but he can't. He felt sad.

At Risda, my teacher, Ms Chong put on the scarfs and hats for me and the other kids. After that, my teacher took our photo while we were waiting for our turn to perform. Then, we came in the hall
and watched the show from the other kids. I liked to watch the Ali Baba and the 40 thieves drama. It was very fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

After that, Ms Mary asked the prize winners to go down and take their prize. I am one of the prize winner!!!! I got a medal for my hard work. I got 5A's!! I can't wait for my turn. I was soooooooo happy because I got a medal and did well in all my subjects.

After that, we waited until it was our turn to dance on the stage. The tittle of our dance was ''Cotton Eye Joe''. It was a cowgirl and cowboy dance. I danced and skipped and twirled and threw the confetti. I felt happy on the stage. My mum said my dance was fantastic.

By then, we watched another  dance named ''Tarian Satu Malaysia''. Finally, we sang '' NEGARAKU''.

That is the end of my concert. What an enjoyable day I had !!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Last month, I went to BRUNEI with my mum, my sisters, my grandmother, my grandmother's sister and my grandmother's brother. We went there on Monday, 17th October. I woke up at 5.00 in the morning. We reached airport at 6.00 a.m. At the airport, we waited for the flight. The flight departed at 7.00.

In the aeroplane, we read the magazine, drew and did a lot of things. 2 hours later, we were at the BRUNEI airport. We waited for the transport to take us to the hotel.In the van, we looked at the transports on the road , and looking at the signboard. Soon, we reached the hotel named Traders.

At the hotel, we waited there  for an hour. I was hungry. We went to the restaurant named '' SRI MAMAK''. But we didn't eat at the restaurant. I took away the food and brought it to my room. The number of my room is ''106''. We ate our lunch in the room. I ordered nasi briyani, chicken and meat. We rested for a while. Then, we went to the museum. We saw a lot of old things. It was interesting. We saw old books like Al-Quran and other kind of things. After we finished, I wrote a comment on a piece of paper. Then, we took pictures. Then we went back to the hotel. I felt happy.Yahoo!

The second day, we went to another museum named ROYAL REGALIA. This time we had to take off our shoes. The floor was very cold. Brrrrrrr! But we saw the old things too. But it was something else. We saw old costumes and we saw golds and a lot of things. Very awesome! After that, we went to our relatives house. we did a lot of things. Then, we went to the palace, and that is a very big place. The name of the palace is Istana Nurul Iman. Then we went back to our hotel.

The third day, I stayed in the hotel. Very boring! My mother asked me to do my revision so I can get an ''A''. The revision I did were SCIENCE, and MATHEMATICS. Then, we ate our lunch at ''SRI MAMAK'' again. It was a nice food. Then, we drew and played until my mother went back to the hotel.

On the fourth day, at night, I went to a special event named ''MALAM BUDAYA''. Over there, we watched a lot of dances. But I didn't watch the show. I just heard the music. I was busy playing with the  Iphone. Then, we ate dinner. I ate  many kind of food. But I didn't remember what type of food I ate. After that, we went back to the hotel.

This is the last day we were in BRUNEI. We had to go back to Kuala Lumpur. Before that, we went to our relatives house again. We did a lot of things and ate a lot of foods. After we had finished our meal, me and my sisters ate sweets. Then, we  watched '' TV'' at our relatives house. After we watched ''TV'', we took photo. We took a lot of photos. After that, we shake hands with everyone and said goodbye.

We took a van to the airport. In the van, we looked at the signboard. Soon, we reached the airport. We waited there until someone called us to go to the plane. In the plane, we played games, and I ate NASI LEMAK. After we  had arrived, we waited for a transport to take us home. In the taxi, we had fun until we reached home. I WISH WE COULD GO TO BRUNEI AGAIN.