Friday, 14 October 2011


On Tuesday, 4 days ago I went to the rabbit farm at Semenyeh. We gathered at school at 8.00 a.m. Then the teachers grouped us into 3 buses.I'm in bus A. In the bus, we looked at the transports. When the other buses came, we felt that we wanted to race with bus B and bus C.

I reached there at  9.00. Over there, we fed the rabbits, and looked at the cow. But I didn't like that part because its very smelly. Yucks! Then, we played on the swing and on the bridge that moved! That's really exciting for me. After that we had our lunch. I ate fried rice with sausages and nuggets. Then, I had a ''DRESS UP THE BUNNY COMPETITION''! A group of pupils get a present. It was a pen. But it wasn't my group. Then, I played again before I went back to school.

What an enjoyable day I had! I WISH I COULD COME AGAIN!

Saturday, 1 October 2011


Yesterday, I had a chat with my mother. I chatted with my mother on my bed. She advised me about appreciating my stuff, and a lot of things. She advised me all the good things because I've did a lot of mistakes. Sometimes, I goof up. I didn't care about my stuff. I used my stationary. But then, I didn't kept my stuff properly. At the end, my stuff are lost and misplaced.

Before this, I did that kind of mistakes because she hasn't told me. I felt sad before my mother explained to me. After my mother explained to me, I know that I can't do that type of mistakes. I felt a bit happier.

I promised not to loose my stationary again. You know why I promise to myself? I promise to myself because I don't want my mother to buy my stationary again and again and again. It is because I don't want to waste my mother's money. ALLAH doesn't like us to waste our money.

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