Saturday, 1 October 2011


Yesterday, I had a chat with my mother. I chatted with my mother on my bed. She advised me about appreciating my stuff, and a lot of things. She advised me all the good things because I've did a lot of mistakes. Sometimes, I goof up. I didn't care about my stuff. I used my stationary. But then, I didn't kept my stuff properly. At the end, my stuff are lost and misplaced.

Before this, I did that kind of mistakes because she hasn't told me. I felt sad before my mother explained to me. After my mother explained to me, I know that I can't do that type of mistakes. I felt a bit happier.

I promised not to loose my stationary again. You know why I promise to myself? I promise to myself because I don't want my mother to buy my stationary again and again and again. It is because I don't want to waste my mother's money. ALLAH doesn't like us to waste our money.

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