Thursday, 2 October 2014

Rui Rui the dolphin

It was a lovely day on Wednesday, 17th September 2014. It was my best day ever. This was because I got to have fun with the dolphin, Rui Rui.

It all started when we went to Sentosa Island, Singapore. Since my dad decided to park his car at Johor Baharu, we went there by my tok alang's van. It was a very long journey, so I decided to sleep.

As we arrived there, we changed into our swimming suits. After that, we learned facts about dolphins from our experienced instructor. 

Dolphins are mammals, so they have hair and breathe air through their blowhole. It has a lot of hair when the dolphin is small. When it grows older, the hair start to fall off. Their fin, called the Dorset, has their own unique shape. The dolphins are very friendly. They also eat 5-6 buckets of squid and  fish every day, depending on the age of the dolphin. The older they are, more buckets of squid and fish  will be eaten by them.

Next, we went to the pool where dolphins are trained.  We met the cool dolphin called Rui Rui. It is a male dolphin and it is 7 years old.  He's very cute! 

That's us with Rui Rui!!!!

Rui Rui showed us some awesome  tricks. Rui Rui will squeak if we clapped our hands. When we twirled, he will dance. He's so adorable! Plus, there's a photographer taking our pictures with the little dolphin!!

After that, we went out of the pool and took our shower. It is because we must clean ourself from the salty water. So, we must remove the impurities. 

After a while, we went to the photo booth and saw our pictures with cute Rui Rui. We looked fabulous in that picture!!!

Overall, this was a fun experience because we got to interact and play with the dolphins. In my opinion, we love to explore deeply about dolphins. Hope you guys give it a try! Good luck!