Sunday, 29 January 2012

My big trip to Singapore

Last Saturday, my family and I went to Singapore. We did a lot of things. The first day in Singapore, we had fun at the hotel specially the swimming pool.  I swam at the swimming pool near by the hotel. I like to swim at the kid's pool because there were two slides. I also like it because there was a waterfall. I like swimming at the deep pool, too.

For dinner, I ate noodles . The food was yummy. After eating I drew.  I showed my mother the drawing that I've made. My mother said 'very nice' to my drawing. After drawing, I watched TV.  I didn't know the tittle and the channel.  I played with the gadgets and went to sleep.

The next day was my mother's birthday. I wish my mother 'happy birthday' early in the morning. My mother was happy. Later, I went breakfast with my family. I ate baked potato and omelette while the others ate different kind of foods. I don't really like the food because the the omelette was not yummy.  Only the baked potato was yummy.

After breakfast, I swam again. I love swimming with my swimming board, as usual. My swimming board is colourful with beautiful, pretty dolphin diving around the sea. It looks beautiful, isn't it? While sliding, me and Ariana met a new friend named Batrisya. She lives in Spain. I think Spain is a nice place. We played the slide together. But then, she played with her friends so I countinued swimming with my sisters.

Then, we went to Festive Walk. We saw a lot of things. We stopped in a shop named Gift Shop. I bought a present for my mother. It was a surprised. It was labelled " best mom". It was gold in colour. My mother was so happy and she hugged me tightly. She cried. I think she cried because she was happy. Then, we went to to a cafe and celebrated my mother's birthday. Then, we went to the Skyline and Luge. We rode there twice. Then, we went to the swimming pool again happily until 7 o' clock. Later, I had my dinner and went to sleep while the others are enjoying themselves.

Today, it was my last day in Singapore. I miss Singapore. But today I went to Universal Studio. First, we went to watched Shrek 4D. It was fun because there were a lot of movements. Then, we rode on the Far Far Away roller coster. It was exciting riding on the roller coster because it was fast but not upside down. Next, we rode on a boat ride named Madagascar. We rode happily. We rode on the dinasour too. The instruction was we need to press the white coloured button to fly. We enjoyed flying. Then, we rode another boat ride which the river water SPLASH us. My shoes and shirt were wet but I enjoyed the ride very much!!!

Next was the MUMMY ride. But now, not all of us rode on it because it was the SCARIEST among all the rides. Only me, my father and mother rode on this ride. First, me and my dad rode on this while my mother were taking care of my two sisters. Then, it was me and my mother's turn while daddy was taking the turn to care for my sisters. Although it was scary, but the ride was still fun for me. I also rode on the Transformers ride. It was very exciting. It was like a real fight. It was an unforgettable ride. After the ride, we bought a lot of things. After that,we went for dinner. I really do not like the food. I didn't like the vegetable burger. Then, we went to ride on a merry- go- round and the Madagascar boat ride again. We then went to a shop to buy a notebook and also rode on Puss in Boots ride. Before going home, we saw fireworks. We felt sooooooooooo happy going to Singapore.

I wish I can go there next year. It was exciting for all of us.

Friday, 6 January 2012

My 1st experience in new school

I woke up 5.45 o'clock early in the morning and I took my bath, wore my new uniform, combed my hair and ready to go to my new school. This time I have to wear scarf. I felt different wearing scarf to school but I was happy.

My mother sent me to school. I was early for the assembly. First thing I did at assembly was sang the "Negaraku" and Asma Ul-Hussna, recited du'a and read ikrar. Then, I went to the new class with new friends.

I was put in Primary 3 Al-Kindi. In the classroom, everyone had free time. I had a lot of new friends. They were Natasha, Ameera, Nuttela and one more girl. But I do not know her name. All of them were playing together while I was playing by myself because I was shy. After playing, we went to the canteen for breakfast. I ate the food that I took from home. There were koko krunch and two pieces of bread. After breakfast, we went to Musolla.

This is my first visit to musolla to pray. Normally i just pray at home. But this time, a lot of friends prayed with me. We performed our Dhuha. I never performed Dhuha before. First, we took our wuduk. There were a lot of pupils taking their wuduk in the toilet. Then only we off to pray. After praying we went back to classroom. Again we played. I think because it was the first day of school. So, teacher gave us free time. We played until Zohor. Then, we went to musolla again.

This time, I was very late for musolla beacause many friends took thier wuduk. It was a long queue. I was the last person. Then I went to musolla. After the musolla, we went to class. We played again. Then, I asked my teacher's permission to go to the toilet. But I do not know where was the way to the toilet and I forgot to ask the teacher. But I managed to go to the toilet by myself. Unfortunately, I did not know how to go back to my class. I was lost!!!! Fortunately, my classmates, Zetty and Hidayati found me and took me back to the classroom. What a relief!!! We played a bit. Then, we went back home.

I think I like the school because friends are not very noisy, kind,  respectful, and not very rude. I can go to musolla to pray too. Besides that, I like the teachers because they are kind. But I do not like that I was lost when coming back from the toilet. I hope I will not lost again in this school.

Monday, 2 January 2012

My trip to Penang

Last Thursday, me and my family went for a trip to Penang. We went to Hard Rock Hotel. My mother checked in and get the key while my father get the parking. After that, we waited. While waiting for my father to get a parking, then I accidently saw a huge clean swimming pool next to the very big beach. I felt I wanted to swim but I can't swim yet until I went into the room.

Then we went in the room. Our room number was " 143".  The room was beautiful with small playground. And I saw there was one bed under  the other . It was called trundle. I also saw the bed for my parents. It was big, clean and beautiful. I like the way they arrange the things in the proper place. Then, I drew while my sisters' played at the small playgound. Then, my parents called me and my sisters' to wear our swimming suit. Then, we were ready to go to the swimming pool.

There were two swimming pools. One was the deep without the slide and the second one was not really deep.  We all enjoyed swimming, rode on the fast purple twirly slide, yellow curvy slide and purple bumpy slide. After swimming till night, we went back to the hotel happily.

The next day, I went to Kidz Club with my sisters while my parents went to spa. It was not really fun there because there were less activities we did. We drew and watched movie entittle Rio.

When my parents arrived, we asked our parent's permission to swim. Fortunatly, our parents let us to swim. We happily went in the room, we changed, wore our floties, quickly ran and dive in the pool. We swam longer than yesterday.

After that, my father brought  for us to go to a stall , a famous one in Penang. But I forget what was the name of the stall. Then, we odered  food  that we wanted. After we ordered, the delicious food came. We ate until we were full, then we went to a place where we saw big boats and took pictures. Then, we went back to the hotel.

The next day, before going back home,  my mother took me for a massage.went for massage. I like the way that the woman massaged me , it was fantastic, excellent and not painful. But one thing I did not like was taking out my cloths. While the woman was massaging me, my mother brought my younger sister along.

Then, we three took our breakfast. My mother took scramble eggs with sausage while  my sister took blueberry pancake and I took plain porridge. What a tasty, delicious and marvelous  food. I love I love I love the food.

After that, my father and my youngest sister woke up from sleep. My father said we can swim until evening. We were so happy because he let us swim for a long long time. We swam every where. After we swam, we changed our costumes and we were going home.

I love going to Penang because  we can swim and play and do a lot of things.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

My birthday party

Last week, I had a birthday party. My mother organized my birthday party. We celebrated the birthday party at The Cooking House, Hartamas. The theme was Cupcakes Baking Party.

I invited my school friends, cousins, and a lot of friends. Their names were Marcel, Adelia, Sufi, Seri, Elyssa, Sophia, Lana, Irfan, and many more.

At the party, we learned to  bake cupcakes. The ingredients were butter, flour, sugar, and eggs. Then, we learned to stir. We mixed the ingredients and spooned the mixture into the cupcake cup. Then, the cupcakes were ready to put in the oven. After putting in the oven, we waited.

While waiting for the cupcakes to be ready, all of my family and friends sang the birthday song for me. After they sang, my friends and my sisters picked a lot of sweets, but not me. I didn't picked any sweets.

After that, my friends played while I peeked the presents. There were a lot of presents. There were a lot of books, hair band and a pink polka dot bag. I love all the gifts that everybody gave me. I am thankful for all of them.

Then, the chef asked all of us to decorate the cupcakes. We decorated the cupcakes using the sparkly springcles. Some kids did rose, smily face and a many more beautiful patterns on the cupcakes. Everybody were excited and happy about their decorations.

Then, we all went back home.

I like the party that my mother organize. Thanks to my parents and thank to all the guests who came to my birthday party.