Friday, 6 January 2012

My 1st experience in new school

I woke up 5.45 o'clock early in the morning and I took my bath, wore my new uniform, combed my hair and ready to go to my new school. This time I have to wear scarf. I felt different wearing scarf to school but I was happy.

My mother sent me to school. I was early for the assembly. First thing I did at assembly was sang the "Negaraku" and Asma Ul-Hussna, recited du'a and read ikrar. Then, I went to the new class with new friends.

I was put in Primary 3 Al-Kindi. In the classroom, everyone had free time. I had a lot of new friends. They were Natasha, Ameera, Nuttela and one more girl. But I do not know her name. All of them were playing together while I was playing by myself because I was shy. After playing, we went to the canteen for breakfast. I ate the food that I took from home. There were koko krunch and two pieces of bread. After breakfast, we went to Musolla.

This is my first visit to musolla to pray. Normally i just pray at home. But this time, a lot of friends prayed with me. We performed our Dhuha. I never performed Dhuha before. First, we took our wuduk. There were a lot of pupils taking their wuduk in the toilet. Then only we off to pray. After praying we went back to classroom. Again we played. I think because it was the first day of school. So, teacher gave us free time. We played until Zohor. Then, we went to musolla again.

This time, I was very late for musolla beacause many friends took thier wuduk. It was a long queue. I was the last person. Then I went to musolla. After the musolla, we went to class. We played again. Then, I asked my teacher's permission to go to the toilet. But I do not know where was the way to the toilet and I forgot to ask the teacher. But I managed to go to the toilet by myself. Unfortunately, I did not know how to go back to my class. I was lost!!!! Fortunately, my classmates, Zetty and Hidayati found me and took me back to the classroom. What a relief!!! We played a bit. Then, we went back home.

I think I like the school because friends are not very noisy, kind,  respectful, and not very rude. I can go to musolla to pray too. Besides that, I like the teachers because they are kind. But I do not like that I was lost when coming back from the toilet. I hope I will not lost again in this school.