Monday, 16 December 2013

Prize giving day

At 16/11/13, it was me and Ariana's prize giving day. It was located at Jalan Semarak. We went here because me and Ariana were receiving the gifts and doing the performance. We arrived there at 7:30 am.

At the hall, we must sit accordingly on how the teacher arranged us. The ceremony started with a lovely speech from our chairman and principle of Sekolah Islam Adni. Then, the Qari read the Quran beautifully.

Next, there was a great performance presented from the Primary one boys and girls. Later, the cool performance by the Primary two and three boys and girls. They were amazing. I loved their performance.

Then, it was the prize giving ceremony for Primary one, two three, four five and six. Me and Ariana were the recepients. We went to to the stage and received the prizes. I got a certaficate and a voucher. Cool!

Last but not least, a performance presented by Primary four, five and six. It's a three in one performance. There's cup song, DK barat and Coral Speaking. I joined Coral Speaking. At that time, I was so nervous. I even had to hold the microphone. When it was our turn, we sang the school song. Everyone was proud of our performance. Especially my mum.

After the performance ended, my mum told how proud she was. I was happy. But at the same time, I felt sad to leave my VERY VERY SWEET memories at school of 2013.

I hope I could acheive better grades next year and always be good, disiplined and truthful. Insya Allah, Amin.....

Thursday, 12 December 2013


I felt so excited that day! I was so excited that day becuse my parents totally suprised me! They suprised me with...... a gift. What was it? Mmmmm........ When did they suprised me? At the 10th December 2013. The day before my birthday!

It all started when my dad brought us to Publika.( FYI, we went with our cousin too!) We were all curious. Especially me. But at the same time, I was thinking what will happen next. Mmmmmm......... Still thinking. 😏

So then, my parents brought us to a cake shop. It was...... FREE MOJI! We ordered a cake. I was so curious. Maybe they were trying to suprise me, I thought. Mama and daddy asked me to choose a cake I like. I knew they will suprise me! I chose Dark Forest. A minute later, it was............. TIME TO CUT THE CAKE! Everyone sang the birthday song for me. Then, we ate the DELICIOUS CAKE! 🎂🍰

Later on, my parents brought us to Chawan. They asked me to guess MY present. Binder? School supplies? Pencils? Books? Then mama asked me to close my eyes and guess my present. Marcel, Ariana and Arlia was shocked and envied me. Mechanical pencils? Erasers? A new set of stationary set? Gadget? I gave up. When I opened my eyes...... OMG! I was shouting. I think the whole restaurant was staring at me. I don't mind. I was toooo happy! I hugged my parents and opened my present. And Iphone 4s. Cool! But.... With pink case! 😐I was overwelmed! 😀

I hope I will be a good girl in this world and hearafter. I wish I could be a good sister and person. Amin Ya Rabbal a' lamin! ❤️👍

Friday, 22 November 2013

Tkrs camp

On 26/9/2013, I went to camp at Ulu Yam for TKRS. This was a survival camp. I can't wait to go there!

Soon as I arrived at school, everyone from p4 until p6 gathered at Dataran Ilmi. Everyone was ready to go to Ulu Yam.They already packed the supplies they need to bring. Everyone wore their TKRS uniform.

When the bus arrived, everyone when to different buses following the primary level. Everyone sat at the place provided with their partners. My partner was Aishah. We enjoyed watching the view by the window.

Half an hour later, we arrived at Ulu Yam. Then, the teacher in charge gave us a short briefing. After that, we ate breakfast and SETTED THE TENT! Since we were P4, we didn't know to set the tent yet. A primary 6 girl help set the tent for me and my members. The members were Aishah, Siham,Fatimah, me, Sofea and Hidayati ( Hida for short )

After setting the tent, we played a game called 'Running man'. We made a line following sections. Then, we.... STARTED THE GAME! And guess what? My group, P4,section1 get the 3rd place! Yahoo! As a present, our section got KIT KAT!

After the tired but fun game, we had lunch. This lunch is different. Gross food? NO food? Nah, we get to COOK the food! Hida brought Brahim's 'daging rempah'. Oh, I just love Brahim's! Then, we washed the dishes! What a yummy lunch.

Then, we took our wudu' and pray Asr. After that, we did a letter to myself. It's to write the goals to ourself. Then, we practiced base. Later on, we had dinner. It is 'ayam rempah'. It's........ YOU GUESS IT. Brahim's!

After a moment of dinner, we went to the musolla and prayed Maghrib. After that, we read al mathurat for a moment and prayed Isyak. Uztaz Shafwan gave us a briefing where to go. Later on, we started our journey to a place not far from our tent.

In the middle of the journey, I was afraid because it's DARK. I quickly ran to the place Uztaz instructed. As soon everyone arrived, teacher will start the evaluation. After an hour......... We finished the evaluation and NIGHTWALK TIME!

At first I was scared but after a while, it was great. The nightwalk was sooo awesome, but I always fall down and had injuries. My friend, Fatimah, was so scared she wanted to cry. I feel so sorry but the same time, annoyed because she squished my hand.

I had a blast! After the nightwalk, I doze off!

THE NEXT DAY.........

We woke up at 6:00 am. We prayed Subuh. After praying, we went to a place where we will have......... THE OBSTACLE RACE! It was challenging but fun. But, this was the MOST horrible part in the obstacle race. GETTING IN THE MUD! Gross! The teacher said it's healthy for our skin. I didn't think so.

When I saw the mud, I wanted to quit! Teacher Lin said with a sneer," You rather go inside or a frog will come to you." What? I have no choice but go inside the mud. After a few minutes of the mud DISASTER, teacher brought us somewhere.

As I saw the place, I dived in! IT WAS A RIVER! I had a blast!

After that, we prayed Zohor and had lunch. Later on...... BA BYE ULU YAM! 😢

I will never forget this great camp! I had a blast! I ❤️ Ulu Yam! 👍

Thursday, 19 September 2013


15/9/13 Sunday

What an early morning. Mama said we gonna go somewhere. Where? Shopping? All the thoughts are in my mind.......

When we arrived at our destination, I was shocked!!! We are at LEGOLAND. SQUUEEEEEE!!! Since mama photocopied our tickets,  we can go in smoothly. The rides we rode on tons of rides such as roller costers, train and lots more. We also saw the movie called 'racers 4D', too. We also got the photos after the ride. Amazing!!!!!

After a looooong time, it was time to SHOP at the Legoland store. I bought stationaries. YAHOOOO!!! My sisters, Ariana and Arlia bought lego. Like always. Arlia bought tons of stuff. Well, let her be.....In the middle of shopping, I saw Aishah, my classmate!!!I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!

Time to celebrate the 1st anniversery of Legoland!! There was fireworks, and there is performance too. In the performance, there is one game called 'GUESS THE ACTIONS'. I got the 2nd place. Yahooo! The present is the Star Wars lego. SSSQQQQQUUUUUEEEEE!!!

The best part was the shopping, performance and rides. Thanks a MILLION, MAMA and DADDY!!

Friday, 23 August 2013


Death. It can happen ANYTIME. Don't think you will die when you are old and do not EVER think that the grave write: for old people only. So, you must do GOOD DEEDS, TAUBAT and be a good Mukmin. Allah said your TAUBAT won't be accepted by Him if: your soul is already at your throat ( you almost gonna die ) and if the sun rises by the west.

I have a sad news today. Innallilahiwainnailaihirrajiun

One of the teacher passed away yesterday. Her name is Teacher Milah. She teaches the primary one students. She passed away because she has a heart problem. She is the wife of Uztaz Dedin. May Allah put patience in Uztaz Dedin's family. I think she is not that young nor old.

So after 'Solat Jumaat' 2 rakaat, Uztaz Yusof asked all of the year 4,5,6 boys and girls ( and teachers ) to pray ' Solat Jenazah ' for teacher Milah. I never prayed like this before. This is so beneficial for me.

Although it is a sad day for us, I learned good lessons.
( hope this blog entry will be beneficial for you )

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ramadan al Kareem

Ramadan has passed. It was a faithful month where there is no syaitan or Jin. We must use this opportunity to do good deeds. When we do good deeds in Ramadan, the rewards will be 2x bigger than the other months.

During Ramadan, I helped my mom to cook the food to break our fast. I learned lot's of new things even while cooking. Plus, I had fun cooking. I learned to cut the carrot, mash the onion and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Sometimes when I mash the onion, my eyes are red because its 'pedih'. Well, anyways, cooking with my mom will be benificial for my future.

My mom said that Ramadan is a training month for Muslims to do good deeds. If we practice to do good deeds, for example praying, reading Quran and zikir, Insya Allah we can do good in the future and be a good Mukmin. But if we don't do good deeds, what is the point of fasting? Right?

My uztaz said that its so sad to leave Ramadan. But, well, some people like Ramadan because of RAYA. I know, some of you are like that right? Well, maybe, those who count the days of Ramadan is because they read one juzuk a day. Right? ( give a round of applause to them )

I like Ramadan because it really train me to be good. Thank you Ramadan, for giving me the opportunity to be good.😘 I hope I can be good in the future and meet another Ramadan. ( hope this blog entry will be beneficial for you guys )

Friday, 28 June 2013

Arlia's concert rehearsel

Sunday, 16/6/2013

Last Sunday, me and my family went to Petaling Jaya to watch ..... Arlia's rehearsel  for her concert next Sunday! Can't you believe that? I can't wait to see her dance!

Arlia's dress was sooo beautiful. There's a crown on her head, purple dress and tutu on her body, pink wings behind her, pink socks and pink ballet shoes. It really fit her like a 'Princess in the swan lake'.

So, we went inside the building and sent Arlia to her teacher,Ms. Tinkerbell. Then, we went to the auditorium. We took our seats and waited for the show to start. As the show had begun, we saw the adult ballets were dancing first. They danced so perfectly.

After the adults danced, now it was the little kid's turn to show their lovely dance. I can't wait to see Arlia's turn.

After a few minutes.....

It was Arlia's turn!!! When I saw her face, I can tell that she WASN'T nervous.Well, because dancing was her favourite thing. As the music started to play, Arlia and the other dancer's were dancing gracefully. As they finished dancing and the music stopped, everyone gave a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE. Yay for Arlia!

It was time to pick her up at the ' bilik syarahan '. After picking up her, she and the other ballet dancers took pictures.

It was a great they for all of us! Good job, Arlia!😀

Monday, 8 April 2013

Exploring Bogor and Jakarta, Indonesia

Thursday, 28th March 2013
Santika Hotel, Bogor
10.30 pm

7.00 am in the morning. I woke up early because I wanted to get ready to go to the airport. We were going to Jakarta. I was so excited! We were going to the airport by taxi. When the taxi had arrived, we straight away went to the airport. Later on, we arrived there and checked in. We waited to depart. We waited and waited and finally, we went on the aeroplane. The aeroplane was about to take off 5....4....3....2....1.... And off we go!


Finally! We arrived Jakarta! We went to the airport to collect our bags. Then, we met with Pak Ali, the driver. He drove us to 'Restaurant Garuda' for late lunch. We had nasi padang. I liked the chicken pop because it's tender and yummy. Mmmm.... So delicious. The chicken pop is my favourite. Later on, we continued our journey to Bogor.

Arghh! It's sooooo boring and 'MACHET'.( it's the meaning of jam in Indonesia) But luckily, Ariana was there so we played until we arrived at the hotel. What fun! After that, we checked in and HUNT FOR FOOD! We were sooooo lucky!


Because the mall was soo near to the hotel, we just walked! First, we went to Dunkin Doughnuts. We took away doughnuts. I chose chocolate flavor. Yummy! Then, we went to Burger King restaurant! I ordered cheese burger. Guess what? The waiter gave me free ice cream! Yahoo! I enjoyed my meal. Then, we went back to our room to sleep.

Oh! I just remember! Tomorrow we were going to the zoo! Byeee!

Friday, 29th March 2013,
Ibis hotel, Jakarta,
10.00 pm

Remember I told u that we were going to the zoo? Yep, today's the big day (yeah right)!

Actually, I didn't really like the zoo. Except when the wild animals were trained to be tame. That's ok for me.

Ok this was how it started.
We were in the car, feeding lots of animals such as elephant, llama, hippopotumas, zebra, honey bear, deer and so on and on and on. We fed them with carrots and some bananas. We didn't feed the otter because it doesn't eat either carrots or bananas.

I was like,"Awww, poor litter otter, we don't have any food for you. Sorry!" But I just say in my head, so no one hears it except me.

Sooo, now, we were entering the wild animals part. So do not feed the tigers, lions and so on. The tigers were like "THE KING OF JUNGLE" or something. The tigers were fierce looking, I'm scared looking at their faces!Eeeeeeeekkkkk!😱

After seeing all the animals, we went for an elephant ride. The elephant ride was sooo WOW! I love it! I rode on an elephant that's 30 years old and it's a female. Oh... No wonder this elephant has no tusks. The elephant ride took about 20 minutes. That's a little while. But it's still fun!

Guess what? We took pictures with the animals. I took a picture with a CUB. I was like," Awwww, what a cute, adorable, you little cub!" I gushed. But I just said it in my head so no one can hear it except me. When I touched it's fur, the fur was sooooooo soft!

I think YOU must take a picture with the cub, too.

Then, Ariana and Arlia wanted to take pictures with the animals. Arlia wanted with the orang utan while Ariana's with the white tiger. When it was Ariana's turn to take the pictures with the white tiger, the zoo keeper said," No kids allowed taking pictures with white tiger, EVEN with the adults. SORRY!" And Ariana's reaction was," Seriously, I had never took a picture with a white tiger before! Shoot!" So mama suggested that she could take pictures with the orang utan. And Ariana agreed. Mama took pictures with the white tiger and the orang utan while daddy's with the white tiger.

Next, ( this was the fun part ) WE WENT TO THE WWWCS ( Wild Wild West Cowboy Show )! We had a BLAST during the show. It 's about the ancient days where there's the thieves, cowboys, sheriff. The thieves stole the money just because they wanted to GAMBLE! The cowboys and sheriff were CHASING AND CHASING AND CHASING until finally...... They caught them! YAHOOO! What an AMAZING SHOW!

Me and Ariana decided to 'swim with the dolphin'. But unfortunately, we can't go.

The queue was long and we wanted to rush to go to Jakarta. I almost CRIED because I never had a chance to touch a dolphin. How cute it is? Never mind,. Next time, if we go to Jakarta again, we can touch the DOLPHIN! In shaa Allah

Since we were soooo hungry, we went to the 'Kebayan Restaurant'. We ate Sunda food. The most favourite one was the fish. ( although it 's a bit spicy ) I finished my meal, so do everyone else. I think because they're hungry. Oh I forgot! Pak Ali was joining us, too. Burp! Alhamdullillah! Allah has given me food!

Then, we continued our journey to Jakarta. I was sleeping in the car. Dozing off! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz!😴

This was the BEST night ever! I fresh up and changed because we were going to the mall. I was kinda sleepy, so I didn't really feel like I want to go anywhere. I still wanna SLEEP! But when I saw the cafe, I became active. I was like,"Wow! A magnum cafe! Cool!" It was a nice cafe. We ordered the ice cream. The ice cream was soooooo delicious! I think you should give it a try too. After that, we went back to the hotel! The experience was kinda fun!!!!!!!😆

Saturday, 30th March 2013,
Ritz Carlton hotel, Jakarta
10.45 pm

This was the best day ever!

In the morning, we went to a shopping mall at Tanah Abang. Mama and Daddy were shopping for cloths. Since me, Ariana and Arlia were sooo bored, we make jokes so we're not bored anymore. After shopping for cloths, mama wants to buy a blanket for me and my sisters. The blanket was sooo soft and comfy. Then, we went to eat our lunch.

We ate Nasi Undar and chicken. I enjoyed my meal. After eating, we went to Taman Sari for the spa. The 'kakak' massage me. The way she massage me was soooo ticklish but comfortable! After she massage me, I took a bath in a shower which I don't really like it. Anyway, I had a great experience! 😜

YES! Finally! We arrived at Ritz Carlton hotel. Guess what? Mama booked for the sisters...... The cooking class! We wore the cooking attire and went to the kitchen. We decorated the cookies with the icing. Before the icing was baked, it felt like wax! After we decorated the cookies, the chef announced who's the winner. And the winner was.......ALL OF US! We received a certificate and a bunny slipper. I received a blue colored bunny slipper!

After the cooking class was over, we went for swimming! YAHOO! 😄We swam until Maghrib. Then, we went to the cafe. We ate our dinner. After dinner, we had our supper, the chocolate. It was yummy! Later, we went to our room and slept!

Sunday,31th March 2013,
In the flight, heading to Malaysia
2.00 pm

6.00 am in the morning. We woke up early, got ready and check out from the hotel. When we arrived the airport, we checked in and waited to depart. When it's time, we only have one more thing to say: BYEEEEEEE JAKARTA


Sunday, 7 April 2013


Sunway Rydeway playground,
Taman Melawati

Me, Ariana and Arlia were playing at the playground. Me and Ariana were playing tag while Arlia was playing with the swing. After a while, we heard Arlia crying and saw her with a lot of blood on her eyes. But she was still on the swing! Luckily, some of the neighbours were at the playground so they came and help Arlia. So we informed mama and daddy about the incident. Everyone rushed to see what happened. I was scared and shocked. We rushed to the hospital.

Emergency Department,
Gleneagles Hospital, Ampang

We ( the family ) were at the emercency room waiting for our turn. After sometimes, it was our turn! Alright, time to go 'To The Room Where The Doctor Checks The Patient'. The doctor said," First, I'm gonna clean her blood. Then, I'm gonna decide whether to stich the cut or not. But I have someone to assist me; the nurse".

X-ray Room, Gleneagle Hospital

The nurse took Arlia to the X-ray room. They wanted to check the bones around the nose area. Hopefully, it's not cracking. Oh, I have one thing to tell you.

WARNING: During checking the X-ray, do not go inside the room except for the patient. IT'S DANGEROUS.


Because of the Radioactive Energy!!!

Waiting Room, Emergency Department

We were waiting for the Specialist Doctor to come and futher check on Arlia's condition. We pray that nothing serious will happen. STILL WAITING! 😱😭😨

Sunday, 24 March 2013

My cooking experience

Last week, I cooked the olio pasta. I made this for daddy for dinner. I want to teach you how to cook it. Let's start!

These are the ingredients that we need; garlic, chili, lemon, pepper, prawn and olive oil. Of course we need one more important ingredient; THE PASTA! First, boil the pasta in a pot. While the pasta is boiling, peel the garlic's skin and cut the pepper into pieces. Later on, pour SOME of the olive oil in the pan and heat it. Put the garlic in the pan FIRST and saute it. Let it turn into a yellowish in colour. and until you smell a nice smell. Then put the chili and the prawn in the pan. Stir them until its a bit cooked. Remember to SQUEEZE THE LEMON. Then, put in the pepper. Stir ALL of them in the pan until you smell an  aromatic smell. Then, put the pasta in the pan and stir all of them until you notice it's cooked. Its ready to be served!

I love to cook because:

1) I learned how to cook. Mama tought me how to cook it.

2) I had fun cooking and I know that I had done a great job.

3) After I finished cooking, I can eat the food. That means I can eat the food that I have cooked!


Monday, 11 March 2013

My snack box!!

It was last week, Mama started making me a very creative, delicious meal for breakfast. The purpose is that mama wants me to have a balance diet and enjoys the food that she made. She wants me to have proper foods.

For the first day, mama prepared for me the Smiley Toast. She used bread, cheese, sausages and the salad. The bread was the body, the cheese was the face while the sausages was the eyes, nose and the smiley mouth. Meanwhile, the salad was the hair.

The second day, I brought waffle. I named it Mr. Waffle. Do you know why? It looks like a man. Mama decorated the mouth, nose and eyes with the blueberry and the strawberry. The waffle was soooo scrumptious.

The third day, mama prepared for me the choo choo train. It was made out of hash brown as the coach, cheese and sausages were the windows while the cucumber was the wheels. My chimney was the sausages. Besides that, there's also Oreo, salad and baby carrot. The food tasted delicious.

Ohhhh.... I loved Thursday! Mama made for me Spaghetti tree! I have been liking this!!!😛My super duper delicious food!! It was made from spaghetti, spaghetti sauce and cucumber as the trunk. Mama garnished it with the flower shaped carrot and some blueberries.

Mr. Bearr!!!! That was what mama prepared for me! The bear made from bread, raisins and cheese. The bread was the ears and face, raisins was the eyes and the nose, the cheese was the bear's face. Besides, there's also bread spread with the Nutella. The food was so yummy.

My friends saw my foods and they tasted it. They liked the food too. However, some friends said the faces were freaking out and they didn't like it. But some friends asked me to bring the food again because they liked the food. Aishah and Kholoud always eat the food with me. I was so grateful to mama. I was also happy because my friends liked the food.

Thanks a lot mama! For making this creative foods for me!

Thanks a million mama!

Monday, 4 March 2013

My Puteri Sport's Day

Yesterday was the puteri sports day. It was located at SMK Sri pemaisuri. I woke up on 6.15 a.m and got ready. Mama drove me, Ariana, Arlia and mak tok. There was a bad news and a good news. The bad news was at first, we were at the wrong place and it was MY fault for not telling  mama the correct place we supposed to go. The good news was, we were early before the march pass started. I felt sooo relieved.

As the march pass had started, the students from Hunain, (green house) Khandak,( Yellow house) Badr, (blue house) and Uhud ( red house) marched to the field and read the dua recitiation. There were lots of people who were late. Next, we sang the battle-cry of our own houses. I think Khandak sang the loudest.

First, it was time for the runners to race between houses. There were 100 m dash, 200 m dash, 4 times 100 m dash and 4 times 400 m dash. Lots of people from Uhud house won the race. I was shocked. Before this, Uhud always lose.

Congratulations, Uhud!

After the secondory and primary people ran, it was time for the telematch people to gather at the field. I thought everything was going on good but..... ONE MORE PERSON WAS ABSENT! Luckily, we found one more replacement girl which was year five. She didn't know how to play the game soooo the Khandak people demonstrated to her how to play the game. She was exellent in this game.

As the telematch started, we tried our best to win but... No such luck! Khandak was the 3rd place. The teacher only announced the 1st and 2nd place winners. I was quite dissapointed and weird because normally, the teachers will announced the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner. Never mind. At least we have lots of sweats.

Then, I played with my Best Friends, Kholoud and Aishah. We played at the field. There was another girl joining us. She was our new friend. Her name is Aishah Maad. We played tag. I was always the tagger! After that, I played Ice and Water at the place where the audience sat there. I played with Aishah, Ariana, Arlia, Fatimah and Sofea. Ariana and Arlia was the ice while me, Fatimah, Aishah and Sofea were the ice. We had soooo much fun playing!

Guess what? Mama signed up for the 100 meter dash! I knew that mama will join the competition. Go for it mama! While mama was racing, I took pictures of mama running! The picture was fabulas! And the winner was..... MAMA! Mama got the first place! Yahoo!☺ My class teacher and my tahfiz teacher was shocked. Kholoud was shocked too. The present was a bag. I liked the bag although the color was red. I knew mama will win!

Congratulations MAMA! 😊

After the race I was sooo tired and I slept in the car! Zzzzzzzzz!😴 That was the end of our day!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Hari Lahir Ayah Saya

Inilah makanan yang kami pesan
Pada tarikh 12 Febuari 2013, kami menyambut hari lahir ayah saya. Kami pergi ke Majestic Hotel untuk meraikan hari lahir beliau. Hotel itu sangat besar dan cantik. Kami minum petang di Colonial Cafe. Terdapat ramai orang di sana. 

Set minum petang tiga tingkat
Kami memesan dua set minum petang. Makanannya sungguh enak. Makanannya ialah mini kek coklat, kek buah, krim puff, scones dan banyak lagi. Kegemaran saya ialah kek coklat manakala makanan yang saya tidak gemar ialah kek buah. Saya minum air teh untuk minum petang. Saya amat suka air teh kerana rasanya manis.

Selepas minum, kami mengucapkan selamat hari lahir untuk ayah saya. Saya memberi beliau kad yang saya buat sendiri. Saya membuat kad sendiri kerana saya rasa membuat kad sendiri lebih istimewa. Adik saya juga membuat kad untuk ayah saya. Ayah saya sungguh gembira. 
Ayah saya bersama kad yang dibuat oleh saya dan adik saya
Selepas itu, kami bersiar-siar di kawasan hotel. Hotel ini bersih dan rekaannya kreatif. Terdapat bilik orkid, spa, ballroom dan juga restoran. Saya dan adik-adik saya bermain di kawasan hotel. Kami bermain sorok-sorok. Terdapat banyak tempat sesuai untuk menyorok. Kami sangat gembira.

Masa untuk pulanggggg!!! Saya sangat gembira dan bersyukur kerana mendapat peluang untuk pergi ke hotel ini. Selamat tinggal.
Kami di Colonial Cafe
Inilah bilik orkid yang besar
Akhir sekali, saya doakan agar ayah saya panjang umur dan akan pimpim keluarga kami untuk ke jalan yang lurus. Inshaa Allah. Saya sayang ayah saya!
Inilah ayah saya. Beliau menyambut hari lahir yang ke - 38

Sunday, 17 February 2013


This was the farm I saw on my way to Morib
On Sunday, me and my family went to the hotel called GOLD COAST MORIB. It was located in Selangor. Daddy drove us there . I slept in the car. The journey took an hour. After 30 minutes, I woke up and saw a lots of coconut tree, the palm tree and a lot of cows outside the window. It was like a farm. The palm tree and coconut tree were different. The fruits were also different. We passed through the village to get to the hotel. I think there were less traffics in the village compared of the town.

We arrived at the hotel. I saw mak long and Marcel! I was soo surprised! I didn't know that daddy invited them! There were lots of people in the lobby. We waited for mama to get the key for our room. Then, we arrived at our room. Our room was big but dirty. The housekeeper had not clean our room yet. I didn't like it! There was a bathtub and the jacuzzi in the bathroom. But there was something I like. I like the jacuzzi so much. By the way, mak long and Marcel were in a different room. Right after that, we straight away changed to our swimming attire and went to the water theme park.

The moment we wanted to go to the water theme park, we bumped into nenek and atuk. I also did not know that daddy invited them, too. Another surprise!! After we shook hands with them, we went to the theme park!

The long, curvy slide that I rode on
At the theme park, there were lots of types of slides. There was a long slide, tall slide, sloppy slide and many more. I rode on the long, sloppy slide. WHEEEEEE! After that, I went to the bouncy house with my sisters. We jumped on top of it. Sooo bouncy! BOINK! BOINK! BOINK! The bounce house was slippery and dirty. That was why I always fall down. Marcel also bounced with us. Then, we went to the deep pool with our parents. Me and Ariana rode on the round big floties while Marcel pushed us. Woah! That was fast. While we were swimming, Mak Lang, Pak Lang, Mak anjang, Pak anjang, Adelia and Atiff joined us too. Everybody was swimming happily.

Me and Ariana on the big round floaties while Arlia holding the handle
Later on, we went to the seafood restaurant near Tanjung Sepat. We went there to have a dinner party for daddy's birthday. Before that, we went to the jetty.  We saw a lot of boats but they are small and dirty. The boat was docked to the jetty. After that, we wittnessed the beautiful sunset there. I really enjoyed looking at the sunset.

The beautiful sunset at dawn
We sisters at the jetty sitting on the 'titi'
At the restaurant,  we  waited for our foods. There were a lot of people eating. People were eating because it was dinner time. After 15 minutes,  our food was served. We enjoyed our meal. Mmmmm! Delicious! After we finished our meal, it wasvtime for the celebration. We gonna sang the Happy Birthday song for daddy. I was surprised there were THREE cakes for daddy. He was very lucky because 3 persons bought the cakes. It was a chocolate cake and strawberry cake too. I don't really like the chocolate cake because there were nuts in it. That was weird.

The family and the cakes
The birthday man happily blowing his candles
The next morning, we had our breakfast at the hotel. There were lots of people there. So the place was crowded and we ended up waited for the seats for so long. I was a bit bored. Finally, we managed to find the seats and had our breakfast. After we ate our breakfast, we went to the water park! AGAIN!

This time we swam at the pool, but not that long because we must rush because we must checked out. We swam just like an hour. For lunch, we had our meals at Bangi. We ate at a restaurant called 'Restaurant Ayam Kampung'. The chicken was a bit skinny but tender. But it was still yummy! Mmmmmm! No more hungry!!!

It,s time to go home. I was soo happy! This was the great vacation because i got to go with my big family. I hope I get to go with them  again! Byeeee!❤💚💜💙💛

Friday, 1 February 2013

My roadtrip to the North - PERAK

Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Perak welcomed me and my family with good foods. We started our journey by going to a stall which was located in Kuala Sepetang. It was called Mee Udang Mak Jah. The stall was famous with prawn. We ordered our food. I ordered 'char kwey teaw udang'. It was soo yummy! The food really awed me.

Me and my sisters at the famous Mee Udang Mak Jah

Kuala Sepetang is famous with seafood because it is located near the river. So the fishermen can fish easily. The boat must be docked to the jetty so the fisherman can give the fish to the fishmonger. Then, the fishmonger can sell the fish at the market. I think the jetty is big because there are a lot of boats.

Arlia at the Kuala Sepetang Jetty

After that, we went to the night safari at the Zoo Taiping. We rode on a tramp and saw lots of
animals. The announcer told us the information about the animals. The hippopotumas is the silent killer. The African people are scare of this animal because it has sharp teeth. He also told us that flamingoes rest and sleep with just one leg. African lion can't swim. We learnt a lot of things. I loved this zoo very much! I hope I can go there again.

We saw the animals at Zoo Taiping. They were zebras and giraffe in the picture.
Later, daddy drove us to Ipoh after the journey to the night safari. We put a night in the Kinta Riverfront Hotel. We went to our room. We peeped through the curtains and saw the colourful decoration trees and beautiful firework along the river outside. I think the firework was for the Thaipusam celebration. Then, we slept because we were all tired.

The next morning, me, mama, Ariana and Arlia had our breakfast at the cafe. I had nasi lemak. It was delicious. While we were eating, daddy joined us! After breakfast, we went out from the hotel and headed to a restaurant. It was called NASI KANDAR AYAM MERAH. My parents really wanted to eat again. It was strange for me. I saw there were lots of people queing and eating there. I think because the foods were yummy. After my parents had eaten, we went to a hotel at THE LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN.

At the first place, I didn't know about this place. Then, when my parents told me about this, I was overwelmed because there was a water park! What a fun surprised!!!! We went to the theme park! Thre were two types of parks. One was a dry park and another one was a water park! We went to the dry park. First, we went to the MERRY HANGING GO ROUND! It was awesome but dizzy. Then, we went to the small boat ride. It was the same thing but it was faster than the merry hanging go round. Later on, we tried on the BIG GIANT SHIP! It swinged to the right and left end! Woah! But pity Aya! She can't ride on it because of her safety. She still young. Then, we went to the WATER PARK! Me and Ariana slid at the loong, curvy slides! Woooaahhh! I was soo extremely happy! I wanted to try it again! It was fuuuuunnn! We also went to the very looonnnnnggggggg man-made river. We rode on a big numbered '8' floties in blue. It tooks a while to reach the end of the river.

Later on, we went to the HOT SPRING! It is naturally hot! We relaxed there. Cool! Ariana and Arlia played with the water and made a big splash! We relaxed there until 5.30 pm. Then, we went to our hotel and went outside to have our dinner at the restaurant called NASI LEMAK AYAM KAMPUNG. The chicken tasted different than the other chickens. Mmmmmm! So delicious. After eating, we went to the hotel and slept. What a tiring day... Zzzzzzz

The next day, we took our bath and straight away checked out from the hotel. We had breakfast at Hollywood Restaurant. It was another food place that we explored. The foods that we tried were roti telur goyang, keaw teaw, roti bakar and goreng-gorengan. I never knew about this kind of food especially roti telur goyang and goreng-gorengan. I think this is a special food in Ipoh.

Finally, it was time to go back home. Do you know why? Because our vacation was already over! I missed Perak! Byeee Perak!

Monday, 28 January 2013

The roadtrip up North - PENANG

Last Thursday, my family went for a roadtrip. First, we went to Penang and then to Perak.

We departed from home at about 10.30 am. We were heading to Penang. Daddy drove us there by car. From Kuala Lumpur,we have to cross Perak to go to Penang. But we also needed to cross the bridge. We needed the bridge because Penang is an island. We were actually crossing the sea and if we want to go to Penang by sea, we need a ferry. There were also big ferries that carries cars.

After 3 hours, we reached Penang! We were heading to Hard Rock Hotel which was located at Batu Ferringhi. Before that, we stopped at a stall that served a speacial dish which was Laksa Penang. I ordered Laksa Penang and Teh Ais. After we finished our food, we went to Hard Rock Hotel.

The hotel was not far from the stall. It tooks us only minutes to reach the hotel. At the hotel, we first checked-in. Before we went to our room, the waitress served the welcome drinks to us. And then, we went to our room in level 3. The room was facing the swimming pool and the beach. The scenery was beautiful. However, the room was smaller than the room we went last time. That room had a small playground and trundle bed for the kids. While this one not. But we were still happy, thankful and grateful. We can't wait for the swimming pooooolllllllll!!!

We went to the swimming pool and swam! We swam and slided down the pool and played with the water. It was very fun! We love swimming at the swimming pool because of the slide. I was happily swimming at the swimming pool with my sisters and my parents. We only stopped swimming during Maghrib.

For dinner, we hunt for Nasi Kandar Beratur. Daddy drove us to a stall which opened at 10.00pm. We were late for dinner! The nasi kandar was yummy! I never ate nasi kandar! It was famous in Penang! While we were eating, mama saw a trishaw. The trishaw was special because it has lights at night. We wanted to ride on it. But unfortunately, we didn't manage because we were sleepy. After we ate Nasi Kandar, we straight away went to the hotel and slept.

The next morning, we took our breakfast and straight away went to the swimming pool. AGAIN! We swam untiiiil noon. We had fun swimming and playing. We stopped swimming at 2.30 pm. We went to level 6 for our tea. They served dessert. After eating, we went to Lone Pine. It only took minutes to reach there.

Lone Pine is a boutique hotel. At first, we didn't really like the hotel. But after sometimes in the hotel, we loved the hotel more than Hard Rock Hotel. The room was big. We were enjoying the hotel. We went to the park near the beach. We took a stroll at the garden, relaxed at the hammock and played! Then, we went to the beach and played with the water and sand. Finally, we went to our room and had a bubbly bubble bath. Cool! Then, we took our dinner in our room and played some more! After that, we went to sleep! Sleep on a cozy bed. Zzzzzzzzz

The next morning, while everyone was sleeping, me and mama took a stroll at the beach. Mama took a picture of me while I was playing with the water and sand. It was sooo fun. I enjoyed spending time with mama! My heart was calm whenever I spent time with ONLY her! This was because when others were around, they sometimes made my mood uncontrollable.

Then, I went to the tent near the swimming pool to relax while playing with the Ipad. Mama went to the room to wake Ariana and Arlia up because they were still sleeping.

Finally, Ariana, mama and Arlia had arrived! We went for our breakfast! I ordered char kwey teow! Yum! Later on, daddy came and joined us! He ate omelet. After breakfast, we all swam. We swam untiiil noon. Then,we changed our clothes in the tent and checked out from the hotel!

Penang vacation was very fun. I really really didn't want to leave Penang. However, we had to because we were going to Perak. I hope Perak going to be exciting as much as Penang.

Byeeeee Penang!!!!!