Friday, 23 August 2013


Death. It can happen ANYTIME. Don't think you will die when you are old and do not EVER think that the grave write: for old people only. So, you must do GOOD DEEDS, TAUBAT and be a good Mukmin. Allah said your TAUBAT won't be accepted by Him if: your soul is already at your throat ( you almost gonna die ) and if the sun rises by the west.

I have a sad news today. Innallilahiwainnailaihirrajiun

One of the teacher passed away yesterday. Her name is Teacher Milah. She teaches the primary one students. She passed away because she has a heart problem. She is the wife of Uztaz Dedin. May Allah put patience in Uztaz Dedin's family. I think she is not that young nor old.

So after 'Solat Jumaat' 2 rakaat, Uztaz Yusof asked all of the year 4,5,6 boys and girls ( and teachers ) to pray ' Solat Jenazah ' for teacher Milah. I never prayed like this before. This is so beneficial for me.

Although it is a sad day for us, I learned good lessons.
( hope this blog entry will be beneficial for you )