Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ramadan al Kareem

Ramadan has passed. It was a faithful month where there is no syaitan or Jin. We must use this opportunity to do good deeds. When we do good deeds in Ramadan, the rewards will be 2x bigger than the other months.

During Ramadan, I helped my mom to cook the food to break our fast. I learned lot's of new things even while cooking. Plus, I had fun cooking. I learned to cut the carrot, mash the onion and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Sometimes when I mash the onion, my eyes are red because its 'pedih'. Well, anyways, cooking with my mom will be benificial for my future.

My mom said that Ramadan is a training month for Muslims to do good deeds. If we practice to do good deeds, for example praying, reading Quran and zikir, Insya Allah we can do good in the future and be a good Mukmin. But if we don't do good deeds, what is the point of fasting? Right?

My uztaz said that its so sad to leave Ramadan. But, well, some people like Ramadan because of RAYA. I know, some of you are like that right? Well, maybe, those who count the days of Ramadan is because they read one juzuk a day. Right? ( give a round of applause to them )

I like Ramadan because it really train me to be good. Thank you Ramadan, for giving me the opportunity to be good.😘 I hope I can be good in the future and meet another Ramadan. ( hope this blog entry will be beneficial for you guys )