Friday, 28 June 2013

Arlia's concert rehearsel

Sunday, 16/6/2013

Last Sunday, me and my family went to Petaling Jaya to watch ..... Arlia's rehearsel  for her concert next Sunday! Can't you believe that? I can't wait to see her dance!

Arlia's dress was sooo beautiful. There's a crown on her head, purple dress and tutu on her body, pink wings behind her, pink socks and pink ballet shoes. It really fit her like a 'Princess in the swan lake'.

So, we went inside the building and sent Arlia to her teacher,Ms. Tinkerbell. Then, we went to the auditorium. We took our seats and waited for the show to start. As the show had begun, we saw the adult ballets were dancing first. They danced so perfectly.

After the adults danced, now it was the little kid's turn to show their lovely dance. I can't wait to see Arlia's turn.

After a few minutes.....

It was Arlia's turn!!! When I saw her face, I can tell that she WASN'T nervous.Well, because dancing was her favourite thing. As the music started to play, Arlia and the other dancer's were dancing gracefully. As they finished dancing and the music stopped, everyone gave a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE. Yay for Arlia!

It was time to pick her up at the ' bilik syarahan '. After picking up her, she and the other ballet dancers took pictures.

It was a great they for all of us! Good job, Arlia!😀