Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Theres a lot of things to do,
Rides and pictures,
And many more!

There were many types of rides,
Roller coster and kids ride,
There was also activities,
Taking pictures and face painting!

The queue was very long,
And theres a lot of crowds,
We wait and wait and wait,
But we were still happy.

We all are hungry,
We do not know what to eat,
So we order and,
We made a decision to eat chicken rice.

It was time to buy some souvenirs,
What could it be?
Accessories box and stationery set and lego,
It was sooo fun!

I ❤ed this place,
Because we can play,
And do other fun things,

Me and my sisters having fun!
Three of us posing in front of the roller coaster ride
Ariana's face painted like a cat.
My favourite ride .
Happy us with our purchase!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The day I went to the Hello Kitty house

Today, I went to Hello Kitty house where it was located in Johor Baharu. It was a special place for me. You know why? Because.... Let me explain.

When I entered  the building, I was like, awww! What a small place. I was like, a bit bored and frustrated because the queue for the fun things we were waiting for such as jewellery making, cookies baking and nail polishing were long. Soooo long.

I went for a ride. It was; the cup ride! I rode it twice. It was dizzy and fun! After that ride, there was a show entitled "Hello Kitty and The Heartful Journey". It was a nice show! I even recorded it!

Next, it was an amazing adventure, it was... Kitty and Daniel in the black wonder. It was like a treasure hunt! I had two choices. 1) game; save Kitty and Daniel 2) taking pictures only. I chose the first choice. We searched five letters to make a word. And that word was a password. And when we guessed
 the password, Kitty and Daniel were saved! We found the words and the password was; MAGIC. It was a fun treasure hunt. I started to feel happy.

Next, I went to the 'THE BALLS RAINS' playground. It was an easy game. I just needed to insert in the ball into the machine and a few seconds more, it will...POP! Tons of balls came out from the machine!

Later, I went to Kitty's house. Inside, there was her kitchen, bedroom, living room, toilet and a lot more. At the kitchen, we pretended to cook. We baked a cake. It was sooo fun. Like, we wanted to stay there. But we can't!

Finally, I went to the cup ride ( AGAIN )! It was dizzier than before! It was sooo fun! And then, after all the rides, we bought some souvenirs. I bought a mechanical pencil. So did Ariana! Arlia bought a container set.

I liked Daniel, Kitty's boyfriend👍because he totally rocked!

I loved this day! I hope I can go there next time! I expect if I go next time, there will be more attractions and the queue is not long.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Night safari - Singapore -

I went to the night safari,
Lots of things to do,
Feeding and riding and seeing,
Lots of animals to see too.

Zebra and tiger and lion,
There was some special ones,
Tapir and malayan tiger and deer,
Now was time for the show!

Seal and wolf and snake,
There was some special ones,
Hyena and lion seal,
Now was time for feeding!

Malayan tiger was eating,
What could it be?
Beef or chicken or fish?
Let us find out!

This safari is special to me,
Because I can learn and see and write,
And exploring,
And not soo common like in Malaysia.

The night tramp,
It was fun,
Where I see the animals,
In the dark.

Friday, 21 December 2012

The infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands

Yesterday, me and my family went to the infinity pool. It was at 57th floor. The highest floor. Usually, the swimming pool is at the bottom floor but this pool is at the top of the building. That's why it was special. Let the journey begun!

When we came out from the lift, we were like, WOW!!! What a big swimming pool. First, we chose our seats. We changed our clothes to the swimming attire and wore the sun block. Arlia wore the floties and we were ready to swim. Mama and daddy joined three of us later. In the evening, daddy ordered the foods because he knew we were hungry. At night we went back to the hotel and went out to see the colourful lights at Garden by the Bay. We also went for the fountain show near Marina.

What a fun day! I wish I could go there!😉

Thursday, 20 December 2012

My homemade frizzy fruitty ice cream

Today, I'm showing you how to do a frizzy, fruitty homemade ice - cream. So let's get started!

The ingredients to make this homemade ice cream are frizzy drink and fruit. Very important ingredients! It was sooo easy and quick. Even a kid can do it! Oopps! I almost forget! We also need the ice cream holder and the ice cream mould. Now we can do it! First, we must pour in the frizzy drink in the mould. Then, put the fruit in the frizzy drink and put the holder into the fizzy drink and freeze it about 3 - 4 hours.

I 'm sooo eager to eat our homemade ice cream! I hope it taste very frizzy, tasty and yummy! It was soo fun! I wish I could do it again.

Look at this fresh strawberries!! We need these strawberries.
This is the holder and the mould for my ice-cream
This is the frizzy drink. Lemonade 100 Plus
See! Ariana pouring the frizzy drink into the mould.
Arlia is putting the strawberries into the mould.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


She knows best,
I must listen to her,
Or else bad things happen.

Whenever I'm happy,
Her smile is even more bigger,
Whenever I'm sad,
She's even sad,
And comfort me.

Whenever I'm angry,
She's heartbroken,
And calm me down,
Whenever we are sad,
We will hug each other.

I love you very much. I hope I can do anything for you.You are the best mother.

I dedicate this lovely poem to my best, beloved mother, Norashikin.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


It's fun with her,
I can play with her,
And do other fun things.

Whenever I'm happy,
She will also be happy,
Whenever I'm sad,
She will always comfort me.

Whenever I'm mad,
She will always calm me down,
Whenever we fight,
We will apologize at the end.

All the things we did together, but at the end, we still ❤ each other, forever!!

I dedicate this poem to my beloved sisters, Ariana and Arlia. I will always care for you, I hope I will not fight with you guys, Insya - Allah.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Testing my new Ipad!!

I'm writting from my new Ipad Mini. I'm soo happy!! This is my birthday present from daddy and mama!! I ❤ this Ipad and I appreciate it. I hope I will care of this and be responsible towards the Ipad!! Insya - Allah !!!


Yesterday, when I was playing with my sisters, mama asked us to change our clothes because we're going to KLCC.  I was thinking where were we going next? So there it started! In the car, my mind was full of questions. What were we gonna do there? Eat? Play? Buy things? And soo on and on and on.....

When we arrived, mama took me to Kinokuniya to read some books. I read 'The Diary of a Wimpy kid' entittled 'the 3rd wheel'. And after a while, she ran and I followed her upstairs. She ran because she received a phone message. And when we're upstairs, mama closed my eyes until... SURPRISE!!! I'm in front of a cake and they sang for me 'the happy birthday' song.

The cake!! When I looked at it, I was like, wow! That's cool. It was my favourite theme, and even my cake suited me because I loved reading that book. It was 'DORK DIARIES'. The cake was colourful, wonderful and beautiful. I loved that cake soo much. It looks soo awesome outside, I hoped it tasted even better inside !!

After they sang for me, I ate the cake and spaghetti. The cake was soo yummy and  delicious. And then, it was time for my family to do the bookmarks for me using the felts. And I got presents. The presents were; a doll house kit, a scrapbook kit, a teddy bear keychain, a box of Godiva chocalates, biscuits, a lollipop and a mug. Thank you!! I am  glad!!

The biggest surprise was when I opened my eyes in front of the cake.  I was so surprised and grateful!! Mama actually planned for me this private party. I wanted to thank her very much! So since mama didn't want to make me aware, she messaged my aunties, uncles grandmother, grandfather and my cousins earliar. It was the very best day ever!!

Written by: arisha

ME!!! Very surprised!!!
Me, my sisters and cousin.
My delicious, beautiful cake, similar to my favourite books.
My beloved sisters and grandmother

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Birthday Surprise!!!

It started early in the morning of my birthday, December 11, 2012. I'm turning 9 years old. I did my daily routine as usual. After taking my bath and eating my breakfast, I did some handicraft which was the fabric flowers for my necklace. While doing the necklace, daddy came down and told us he will take us to Mid Valley. And there it started! At Mid Valley, I was wondering where do we go next?

When we arrived, we went straight to the Barbie store and bought some stuff. I bought a pair of sunglasses and a T- shirt while Ariana bought a stationery set  and also a pair of sunglasses. Meanwhile, Arlia bought a Barbie toy set and a T- shirt. Later on, we went upstairs. And when we went inside, I was like, wow! It was amazing! It was amazing because the walls were colourful and the things inside the store were sooo beautiful. There were few ladies in the room. 

Next, a lady instructed me to choose a dress.  I have a lot of choices to make!!!! I was a bit confused choosing them because everything looks soo beautiful. I chose Barbie in the Diomand Castle's dress. The dress was purple in colour.  It looks soo pretty on me! It was soo sparkling and I looked like a real princess! And I also put on the tiara! I love it! Ariana's dress was the same dress as mine but red in colour. Arlia's one was Barbie and the Swan Lake's dress and it was  blue in colour. Then, the make-up person did the makeover for us. Each of us took turns to take pictures then. And after the photographer took our pictures, mama and daddy chose the photos the photographer took while three of us played with the collection of Barbie toys scattered around the floor.

The surprise was when I turned into a dazzling princess!! I never expected my parents to plan it for me!!  This was the BEST DAY EVER!!! I wish I could go there again!!! 

Written by: Arisha

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Volcano Eruption!!!

My mother planned for us this activity; doing the eruption volcano. Before doing it, we must  make a mountain. We made the mountain out of paper. And after making the mountain, we did the eruption! The paper mache and the painting were arts while the eruption was the science experiment. I was sooo interested in doing this. So, let us start!!

When it was time to do the glue, I was like; how to do it? Why we needed these things? It was easy to make? And so on. And my heart was beating fast. And so after I did it, I found out it was easy. The things to do the glue was; tapioca starch, water, boiling water, bowl and spatula. First, I poured in the tapioca starch and water into the bowl. Then, I stirred it and poured some boiling water into the bowl.   And I stirred the mixture until it was gluey and thickening.

I was not so interested in making the base because it was like, just, cut and paste all over. It was a bit bored. We still must do the base because the base was the ground. How can we do the mountain without the base? But I still liked that experience. We used the cardboard that we're not using anymore to make the base.

I had the feeling like wondering how to do the paper mache. It was amazing. And my feeling was like, I want to know the steps to do it and how it will end up like. So lets start! We're doing the paper mache. Put the bottle in the middle of the base and collected crumpled papers. The reason we put the bottle in the middle 'cause we were making a very tall mountain. But not that tall until the moon!And to make sure they stick, we use the glue we made. Then, we paste the small  peices of papers we tore and made it like a tower.And then, I layer it until it was  a thick, tall mountain. After that, I  covered it with lots of glue and let it dry. 
When the mountain dried, it was time to paint it! We used the sponge instead of the brush. We sponged it into the colour and sponged onto the mountain. I colored grey and brown s because it looked like a real mountain. And I like those colors because, colouring green mountain was too boring 'cause I always saw green mountains in books, so, I decided to colour the mountain which there was lots of sand instead of trees. And we mixed colours. The colours we mixed were; yellow mix blue becomes green, red mix blue becomes purple, my favourite colour and red mix yellow becomes orange. The reason I'm mixing the colours because I want to look and learn what was all about mixing. And we've done!
Then, yesterday, we did the eruption! The most awaited part!! I can't wait! They were two type of explosion! First explosion was using the baking soda, liquid hand dish soap, vinegar, jar, spoon and orange food coloring. We put 2 teaspoons of baking soda inside the hole. And then, I poured  in the vinegar, liquid hand dish soap and 5 drops of food colouring into the jar and I stirred it. After that,I  poured  the mixture into the hole of the volcano and it will... BURST OUT!!  And later it was time for the second explosion. The differences between both explosions were their ingredients. The ingredients for the second explosion was mentos and coke.  So,  I opened the cap of the coke and put a mentos into it and... KABOOM!! That was the explosion! That was the fun part!!! I was shocked and felt hillarious in the same time!! 
I love this kind of activity!! It was fun! I think they exploded because of the carbon dioxide. I wish I can do  more science experiment! Enjoy the video!!

Video 1 :

Monday, 3 December 2012

Plaster Casting Leaves.

This was what my mother planned for us ; plaster casting leaves.I actually didn't know about this activity, yet. Once my mother read the instructiions about plaster casting, I still didn't understand because I didn't know what to do until my mum searched in the internet what we're going to do. It was, kind of a surprise. The things we needed to make the Plaster Casting Leaves were; plaster dust, leaves, spatula, water, bowl, paints and brushes.

We went to hunt some leaves, in the bushes. My legs were sooo itchy because I was biten by mosquitoes. And after collecting the leaves, we went to do the fun arts. Before that, I want to tell about the leaves.We collected a lot of leaves. Mine was a wet leaf, smooth and the patterns were swirly, Ariana's was a normal leaf and Arlia and mama's leaves were a dried leaves, but beautiful and curvy. It was time to do some arts!!!

First, with the bowl, we poured all of the plaster dust and the water in the bowl and mix it with the spatula untill it became  a  mixture. After that, we poured the mixture with the spatula on top of the leaves and left that overnight. It was sooo fun. I was sooo curious what was going to happen next.

We already left it overnight. So as you see, the mixture had already turned into a cast. It was now harden. Then, we peeled the leaves with a scissor. See, we can see the texture of the plaster cast. It looks exactly like the leaves. They were flat, curvy, swirly and beautiful!!! They looked sooo fabulous! It was time to paint!! I painted yellow and green because the colour looks like a real leaf, Ariana painted red and yellow and Arlia painted colourful!!! It was soooo fun and easy!!! 

I love doing this type of fun arts. It was like, a lessson to us 'how to make a plaster casting leaves'. Thank you mama for planning this activity for us. It was the best day ever! I wish I could do it again!!!

Friday, 30 November 2012

The Amazing Kidzania

I heard my friends talked about it and I also saw it on TV. I was wondering about Kidzania; what place?fun place? Is it for kids? I really want to know about that place. Like, I want to explore that place.

Then, when my mother told me about that place and took me there, I was sooo happy, excited and overwelmed!!! Now is my chance to get there!!!

The journey began  when we purchased the tickets to check in. We went to the Kidzania Airport, and got a bracelet to scan. Then, we went to the bank to cash the cheque. It was 50 kidzos and it was double joy for me!!! Then, we're in the play- and- work theme park!!!

Then, I saw a lot of jobs I can do!!! First, I was a journalist working at News Straits Times. I must choose a topic. I chose 'A Private Life Of A Detective'. First, I must interview a person and asked the person  questions written on a paper. When I got the answer, I must jot down the information. After that, I wrote about  it. Then, after the newspaper was printed, my task was done and earned 8 Kidzos. I love to be a journalist because it was my hobby!!! And my hobby is writting! 

Second,  I worked as a post woman at 'POS LAJU' office. The instructors asked me to pick up the parcel and gave me a map, a paper for them to sign and a trolley. After that, I am a working post woman !!! I liked to work as a post woman because it was quite challenging, but still fun. It was challenging because I must look around, refer to the map and must push  the trolley all at the same time.  I earned 10 Kidzos for this job. Sooooo fun yet challenging task. Woah!!

Court; the place where noboby can make noise. The place is like a library. Very quiet. When I first stepped in the court, there were lots of empty table and chairs, for  the judge, witness, attorney, defendant and many more. I didn't know about all these people before this. I was nervous in the court. Once I knew the new knowledge, I'm not nervous anymore. By the way, I'm  Arisha the Attorney! I wore the black jacket and felt like an adult. It was sooo real.

Then, I worked as an engineer at TM ( Teknologi  Malaysia) office. The instructor explained to me about what engineer do. Engineer fix problems.  On that day, I must replaced the old wire into a new one because the old wire wasn't working. That was easy peasy lemon squeasy!!! But the real engineer's work was a bit challenging because they must know lots of science and maths. Only now, I know what my parents are doing.

After trying all those fun games, I decided to try just one more task before heading home. Being a NEWS CASTER!!! It was just the same as reading, but  it was spreaded by speech!!!It was soooo fun. It was like the real news that I watched on  TV. I was  actually, reading on the screen. Even tough it was fun, but I didn't want to be a news caster because it was quite boring for me. 

I love to go to Kidzania because it was an amazing place more than other theme parks! It teaches me like how tired people are working to earn money just like my parents. I feel pity to my parents because they work hard for the family. I feel soooo thankful to Kidzania because it gives me a very valueable knowledge. Bye Bye, Kidzania! See you again next time!!