Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Theres a lot of things to do,
Rides and pictures,
And many more!

There were many types of rides,
Roller coster and kids ride,
There was also activities,
Taking pictures and face painting!

The queue was very long,
And theres a lot of crowds,
We wait and wait and wait,
But we were still happy.

We all are hungry,
We do not know what to eat,
So we order and,
We made a decision to eat chicken rice.

It was time to buy some souvenirs,
What could it be?
Accessories box and stationery set and lego,
It was sooo fun!

I ❤ed this place,
Because we can play,
And do other fun things,

Me and my sisters having fun!
Three of us posing in front of the roller coaster ride
Ariana's face painted like a cat.
My favourite ride .
Happy us with our purchase!