Sunday, 9 December 2012

Volcano Eruption!!!

My mother planned for us this activity; doing the eruption volcano. Before doing it, we must  make a mountain. We made the mountain out of paper. And after making the mountain, we did the eruption! The paper mache and the painting were arts while the eruption was the science experiment. I was sooo interested in doing this. So, let us start!!

When it was time to do the glue, I was like; how to do it? Why we needed these things? It was easy to make? And so on. And my heart was beating fast. And so after I did it, I found out it was easy. The things to do the glue was; tapioca starch, water, boiling water, bowl and spatula. First, I poured in the tapioca starch and water into the bowl. Then, I stirred it and poured some boiling water into the bowl.   And I stirred the mixture until it was gluey and thickening.

I was not so interested in making the base because it was like, just, cut and paste all over. It was a bit bored. We still must do the base because the base was the ground. How can we do the mountain without the base? But I still liked that experience. We used the cardboard that we're not using anymore to make the base.

I had the feeling like wondering how to do the paper mache. It was amazing. And my feeling was like, I want to know the steps to do it and how it will end up like. So lets start! We're doing the paper mache. Put the bottle in the middle of the base and collected crumpled papers. The reason we put the bottle in the middle 'cause we were making a very tall mountain. But not that tall until the moon!And to make sure they stick, we use the glue we made. Then, we paste the small  peices of papers we tore and made it like a tower.And then, I layer it until it was  a thick, tall mountain. After that, I  covered it with lots of glue and let it dry. 
When the mountain dried, it was time to paint it! We used the sponge instead of the brush. We sponged it into the colour and sponged onto the mountain. I colored grey and brown s because it looked like a real mountain. And I like those colors because, colouring green mountain was too boring 'cause I always saw green mountains in books, so, I decided to colour the mountain which there was lots of sand instead of trees. And we mixed colours. The colours we mixed were; yellow mix blue becomes green, red mix blue becomes purple, my favourite colour and red mix yellow becomes orange. The reason I'm mixing the colours because I want to look and learn what was all about mixing. And we've done!
Then, yesterday, we did the eruption! The most awaited part!! I can't wait! They were two type of explosion! First explosion was using the baking soda, liquid hand dish soap, vinegar, jar, spoon and orange food coloring. We put 2 teaspoons of baking soda inside the hole. And then, I poured  in the vinegar, liquid hand dish soap and 5 drops of food colouring into the jar and I stirred it. After that,I  poured  the mixture into the hole of the volcano and it will... BURST OUT!!  And later it was time for the second explosion. The differences between both explosions were their ingredients. The ingredients for the second explosion was mentos and coke.  So,  I opened the cap of the coke and put a mentos into it and... KABOOM!! That was the explosion! That was the fun part!!! I was shocked and felt hillarious in the same time!! 
I love this kind of activity!! It was fun! I think they exploded because of the carbon dioxide. I wish I can do  more science experiment! Enjoy the video!!

Video 1 :