Thursday, 13 December 2012

Birthday Surprise!!!

It started early in the morning of my birthday, December 11, 2012. I'm turning 9 years old. I did my daily routine as usual. After taking my bath and eating my breakfast, I did some handicraft which was the fabric flowers for my necklace. While doing the necklace, daddy came down and told us he will take us to Mid Valley. And there it started! At Mid Valley, I was wondering where do we go next?

When we arrived, we went straight to the Barbie store and bought some stuff. I bought a pair of sunglasses and a T- shirt while Ariana bought a stationery set  and also a pair of sunglasses. Meanwhile, Arlia bought a Barbie toy set and a T- shirt. Later on, we went upstairs. And when we went inside, I was like, wow! It was amazing! It was amazing because the walls were colourful and the things inside the store were sooo beautiful. There were few ladies in the room. 

Next, a lady instructed me to choose a dress.  I have a lot of choices to make!!!! I was a bit confused choosing them because everything looks soo beautiful. I chose Barbie in the Diomand Castle's dress. The dress was purple in colour.  It looks soo pretty on me! It was soo sparkling and I looked like a real princess! And I also put on the tiara! I love it! Ariana's dress was the same dress as mine but red in colour. Arlia's one was Barbie and the Swan Lake's dress and it was  blue in colour. Then, the make-up person did the makeover for us. Each of us took turns to take pictures then. And after the photographer took our pictures, mama and daddy chose the photos the photographer took while three of us played with the collection of Barbie toys scattered around the floor.

The surprise was when I turned into a dazzling princess!! I never expected my parents to plan it for me!!  This was the BEST DAY EVER!!! I wish I could go there again!!! 

Written by: Arisha