Monday, 17 December 2012


Yesterday, when I was playing with my sisters, mama asked us to change our clothes because we're going to KLCC.  I was thinking where were we going next? So there it started! In the car, my mind was full of questions. What were we gonna do there? Eat? Play? Buy things? And soo on and on and on.....

When we arrived, mama took me to Kinokuniya to read some books. I read 'The Diary of a Wimpy kid' entittled 'the 3rd wheel'. And after a while, she ran and I followed her upstairs. She ran because she received a phone message. And when we're upstairs, mama closed my eyes until... SURPRISE!!! I'm in front of a cake and they sang for me 'the happy birthday' song.

The cake!! When I looked at it, I was like, wow! That's cool. It was my favourite theme, and even my cake suited me because I loved reading that book. It was 'DORK DIARIES'. The cake was colourful, wonderful and beautiful. I loved that cake soo much. It looks soo awesome outside, I hoped it tasted even better inside !!

After they sang for me, I ate the cake and spaghetti. The cake was soo yummy and  delicious. And then, it was time for my family to do the bookmarks for me using the felts. And I got presents. The presents were; a doll house kit, a scrapbook kit, a teddy bear keychain, a box of Godiva chocalates, biscuits, a lollipop and a mug. Thank you!! I am  glad!!

The biggest surprise was when I opened my eyes in front of the cake.  I was so surprised and grateful!! Mama actually planned for me this private party. I wanted to thank her very much! So since mama didn't want to make me aware, she messaged my aunties, uncles grandmother, grandfather and my cousins earliar. It was the very best day ever!!

Written by: arisha

ME!!! Very surprised!!!
Me, my sisters and cousin.
My delicious, beautiful cake, similar to my favourite books.
My beloved sisters and grandmother