Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The day I went to the Hello Kitty house

Today, I went to Hello Kitty house where it was located in Johor Baharu. It was a special place for me. You know why? Because.... Let me explain.

When I entered  the building, I was like, awww! What a small place. I was like, a bit bored and frustrated because the queue for the fun things we were waiting for such as jewellery making, cookies baking and nail polishing were long. Soooo long.

I went for a ride. It was; the cup ride! I rode it twice. It was dizzy and fun! After that ride, there was a show entitled "Hello Kitty and The Heartful Journey". It was a nice show! I even recorded it!

Next, it was an amazing adventure, it was... Kitty and Daniel in the black wonder. It was like a treasure hunt! I had two choices. 1) game; save Kitty and Daniel 2) taking pictures only. I chose the first choice. We searched five letters to make a word. And that word was a password. And when we guessed
 the password, Kitty and Daniel were saved! We found the words and the password was; MAGIC. It was a fun treasure hunt. I started to feel happy.

Next, I went to the 'THE BALLS RAINS' playground. It was an easy game. I just needed to insert in the ball into the machine and a few seconds more, it will...POP! Tons of balls came out from the machine!

Later, I went to Kitty's house. Inside, there was her kitchen, bedroom, living room, toilet and a lot more. At the kitchen, we pretended to cook. We baked a cake. It was sooo fun. Like, we wanted to stay there. But we can't!

Finally, I went to the cup ride ( AGAIN )! It was dizzier than before! It was sooo fun! And then, after all the rides, we bought some souvenirs. I bought a mechanical pencil. So did Ariana! Arlia bought a container set.

I liked Daniel, Kitty's boyfriendđź‘Ťbecause he totally rocked!

I loved this day! I hope I can go there next time! I expect if I go next time, there will be more attractions and the queue is not long.