Monday, 3 December 2012

Plaster Casting Leaves.

This was what my mother planned for us ; plaster casting leaves.I actually didn't know about this activity, yet. Once my mother read the instructiions about plaster casting, I still didn't understand because I didn't know what to do until my mum searched in the internet what we're going to do. It was, kind of a surprise. The things we needed to make the Plaster Casting Leaves were; plaster dust, leaves, spatula, water, bowl, paints and brushes.

We went to hunt some leaves, in the bushes. My legs were sooo itchy because I was biten by mosquitoes. And after collecting the leaves, we went to do the fun arts. Before that, I want to tell about the leaves.We collected a lot of leaves. Mine was a wet leaf, smooth and the patterns were swirly, Ariana's was a normal leaf and Arlia and mama's leaves were a dried leaves, but beautiful and curvy. It was time to do some arts!!!

First, with the bowl, we poured all of the plaster dust and the water in the bowl and mix it with the spatula untill it became  a  mixture. After that, we poured the mixture with the spatula on top of the leaves and left that overnight. It was sooo fun. I was sooo curious what was going to happen next.

We already left it overnight. So as you see, the mixture had already turned into a cast. It was now harden. Then, we peeled the leaves with a scissor. See, we can see the texture of the plaster cast. It looks exactly like the leaves. They were flat, curvy, swirly and beautiful!!! They looked sooo fabulous! It was time to paint!! I painted yellow and green because the colour looks like a real leaf, Ariana painted red and yellow and Arlia painted colourful!!! It was soooo fun and easy!!! 

I love doing this type of fun arts. It was like, a lessson to us 'how to make a plaster casting leaves'. Thank you mama for planning this activity for us. It was the best day ever! I wish I could do it again!!!