Friday, 30 November 2012

The Amazing Kidzania

I heard my friends talked about it and I also saw it on TV. I was wondering about Kidzania; what place?fun place? Is it for kids? I really want to know about that place. Like, I want to explore that place.

Then, when my mother told me about that place and took me there, I was sooo happy, excited and overwelmed!!! Now is my chance to get there!!!

The journey began  when we purchased the tickets to check in. We went to the Kidzania Airport, and got a bracelet to scan. Then, we went to the bank to cash the cheque. It was 50 kidzos and it was double joy for me!!! Then, we're in the play- and- work theme park!!!

Then, I saw a lot of jobs I can do!!! First, I was a journalist working at News Straits Times. I must choose a topic. I chose 'A Private Life Of A Detective'. First, I must interview a person and asked the person  questions written on a paper. When I got the answer, I must jot down the information. After that, I wrote about  it. Then, after the newspaper was printed, my task was done and earned 8 Kidzos. I love to be a journalist because it was my hobby!!! And my hobby is writting! 

Second,  I worked as a post woman at 'POS LAJU' office. The instructors asked me to pick up the parcel and gave me a map, a paper for them to sign and a trolley. After that, I am a working post woman !!! I liked to work as a post woman because it was quite challenging, but still fun. It was challenging because I must look around, refer to the map and must push  the trolley all at the same time.  I earned 10 Kidzos for this job. Sooooo fun yet challenging task. Woah!!

Court; the place where noboby can make noise. The place is like a library. Very quiet. When I first stepped in the court, there were lots of empty table and chairs, for  the judge, witness, attorney, defendant and many more. I didn't know about all these people before this. I was nervous in the court. Once I knew the new knowledge, I'm not nervous anymore. By the way, I'm  Arisha the Attorney! I wore the black jacket and felt like an adult. It was sooo real.

Then, I worked as an engineer at TM ( Teknologi  Malaysia) office. The instructor explained to me about what engineer do. Engineer fix problems.  On that day, I must replaced the old wire into a new one because the old wire wasn't working. That was easy peasy lemon squeasy!!! But the real engineer's work was a bit challenging because they must know lots of science and maths. Only now, I know what my parents are doing.

After trying all those fun games, I decided to try just one more task before heading home. Being a NEWS CASTER!!! It was just the same as reading, but  it was spreaded by speech!!!It was soooo fun. It was like the real news that I watched on  TV. I was  actually, reading on the screen. Even tough it was fun, but I didn't want to be a news caster because it was quite boring for me. 

I love to go to Kidzania because it was an amazing place more than other theme parks! It teaches me like how tired people are working to earn money just like my parents. I feel pity to my parents because they work hard for the family. I feel soooo thankful to Kidzania because it gives me a very valueable knowledge. Bye Bye, Kidzania! See you again next time!! 

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