Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Pizza making

Yesterday, we all went to The Curve, Damansara. I went with my sisters and mother. We went there to learn how to make a pizza. Before we went to the cooking class, we all decided to eat because we were soo hungry, like my stomach wants to KABOOM! We ate spaghetti and drank our water from the bottle. Then it was time to cook! Yeah!!!

There was a few instructors. Before cooking, the instructor gave me and sisters to wear the hat and the apron. Then it was time to cook! Before we cooked, there were the ingredients prepared by the instructors. The ingredients were put by the instructor on the table. They were; yeast, flour,chicken, cheese, diced tomatos and mushrooms. First, we used the flour to make the dough. Then we rolled it with the rolling pin. I was soo nervous at the first place because I thought I can' t do it. But as I did that I stopped being nervous. Phew!

I rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled, until the dough was flaten just right. After that, we put the diced tomatos on top of the dough and  the cheese on top of the diced tomatos. Then, we put the yeast all over and folded it into half. Then, we put the yeast in the middle of the dough and sprinkled the cheese and mushrooms on top of the yeast. Later, we put it on the tray and baked it. I can' t wait to see the pizza!!!

While waiting for the pizza to be baked, the instructor asked all of us to colour the picture .  The picture was   a chicken, Picky and his friends. The reason they asked us to colour because it will not keep us bored. We were actually killing the timeIt was soo fun colouring! Colouring was my hobby last time.After we all completed  to colour the picture, the pizza is ready to  get out from the oven.
I smelled the pizza, soo good!! 

The best thing was  we can take the pizza  home. But before that, we all received a certificate for the master chefs, which was, for the effort because  we cooked the pizza. It looks so delicious!!! Take away the pizza! Yahoo!My tummy was soo rumbly!!

I love to make pizza. Its soo fun! Thank you mama for bringing us to learn how to make a pizza. Its soo yummy! I love love love the experience!!! Yahoo! YAY!