Saturday, 27 October 2012

Balik Kampung!!

Yesterday, was the second day of Aidiladha. Me and my family went to Rembau; my grandfather from my mother's side's village. We did lots of fun things!!!

When we arrived, we salam everybody in the house; Atok, Tok Nyang, Tok Teh, Wan Teh, Mak Long Lin, Wan Chu. I felt grateful when I met them. They were my relatives. It was my first time metting Mak Long Lin. She was my mother's cousin. She was girlish and beautiful. And my mama told me that she 's getting married.

After that, Ariana and Arlia wanted to play cooking with the sand. I also wanted to join them . But since I was very hungry, I ate ' laksa'. Mama saw atuk's mouth was swollen because he had been beaten by a bee. Pity him! So she brought  him to the clinic. I continue eating.

After I finish eating, they were still playing cooking with the sand. I wanted to play something else with them so I asked Ariana and Arlia, " Do you want to play something else?". And they replied," Yes". So we decided to play ghost chasing game. Ariana pretended to be the ghost while me and Arlia ran from her. After playing, we were tired. So we took turns to tell ghost stories. After some times, we played chasing with daddy!  He was the catcher. After playing, we were  all tired and went back home savely.

We reached Kuala Lumpur. We planned to eat outside at a restaurant but we didn't know where to eat. So we googled it. We decided to eat at Sri Niara; a famous tom yam place. But unfortunately, it was closed. So instead, we went to Craven Cafe. We had maggi soup and roti canai. The food was yummy. We were very full. All praise be to Allah.

I was happy to meet my relatives. And to mama and daddy, thanks for taking us to Rembau. It was a fun expirience for me and my sisters!