Thursday, 16 August 2012

my helper is like my sister

Last two days, my helper was  going back to her village. Her house at Surabaya. We were sad and we cried loudly in the car. She was going by a taxi to her husband's house. She went to the airport on 27th August 2012. She went back to her village because she needs to deliver a baby. Maybe, when my helper's baby grow up, she can come to Malaysia or we can come to her house.

She was a polite lady. She was  also helpful even we make her a handful person with our demand. She was very kind and a patient person. She was like our family member. She's good to us.

The most unforgotable  sweet memories with kakak ulfah was going vacation. We went to Australia, Gold Coast. It was fun. We went to Movie World and Sea World. We rode on roller coster together. I felt happy. And then, I helped her to do the chores. She tought me to wash the cup. But I just helped a bit.

The unforgotable  sad memories was sometimes  I didn't listen to her. I felt guilty and sad.  I wanted to say sorry to her very much. I hope she will eccept  my apology. I will promise not to do it again.  I fought  with my sisters. They always made  me angry. She always scolded me because I did a lot of mistakes. I know why she scolded me. Because she wants me to be a good eldest sister.

She loves us like we love her. We were all equal. She was like our eldest sister, not maid. We really love her. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Don't leave us!