Friday, 21 December 2012

The infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands

Yesterday, me and my family went to the infinity pool. It was at 57th floor. The highest floor. Usually, the swimming pool is at the bottom floor but this pool is at the top of the building. That's why it was special. Let the journey begun!

When we came out from the lift, we were like, WOW!!! What a big swimming pool. First, we chose our seats. We changed our clothes to the swimming attire and wore the sun block. Arlia wore the floties and we were ready to swim. Mama and daddy joined three of us later. In the evening, daddy ordered the foods because he knew we were hungry. At night we went back to the hotel and went out to see the colourful lights at Garden by the Bay. We also went for the fountain show near Marina.

What a fun day! I wish I could go there!😉