Thursday, 19 September 2013


15/9/13 Sunday

What an early morning. Mama said we gonna go somewhere. Where? Shopping? All the thoughts are in my mind.......

When we arrived at our destination, I was shocked!!! We are at LEGOLAND. SQUUEEEEEE!!! Since mama photocopied our tickets,  we can go in smoothly. The rides we rode on tons of rides such as roller costers, train and lots more. We also saw the movie called 'racers 4D', too. We also got the photos after the ride. Amazing!!!!!

After a looooong time, it was time to SHOP at the Legoland store. I bought stationaries. YAHOOOO!!! My sisters, Ariana and Arlia bought lego. Like always. Arlia bought tons of stuff. Well, let her be.....In the middle of shopping, I saw Aishah, my classmate!!!I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!

Time to celebrate the 1st anniversery of Legoland!! There was fireworks, and there is performance too. In the performance, there is one game called 'GUESS THE ACTIONS'. I got the 2nd place. Yahooo! The present is the Star Wars lego. SSSQQQQQUUUUUEEEEE!!!

The best part was the shopping, performance and rides. Thanks a MILLION, MAMA and DADDY!!