Thursday, 12 December 2013


I felt so excited that day! I was so excited that day becuse my parents totally suprised me! They suprised me with...... a gift. What was it? Mmmmm........ When did they suprised me? At the 10th December 2013. The day before my birthday!

It all started when my dad brought us to Publika.( FYI, we went with our cousin too!) We were all curious. Especially me. But at the same time, I was thinking what will happen next. Mmmmmm......... Still thinking. 😏

So then, my parents brought us to a cake shop. It was...... FREE MOJI! We ordered a cake. I was so curious. Maybe they were trying to suprise me, I thought. Mama and daddy asked me to choose a cake I like. I knew they will suprise me! I chose Dark Forest. A minute later, it was............. TIME TO CUT THE CAKE! Everyone sang the birthday song for me. Then, we ate the DELICIOUS CAKE! 🎂🍰

Later on, my parents brought us to Chawan. They asked me to guess MY present. Binder? School supplies? Pencils? Books? Then mama asked me to close my eyes and guess my present. Marcel, Ariana and Arlia was shocked and envied me. Mechanical pencils? Erasers? A new set of stationary set? Gadget? I gave up. When I opened my eyes...... OMG! I was shouting. I think the whole restaurant was staring at me. I don't mind. I was toooo happy! I hugged my parents and opened my present. And Iphone 4s. Cool! But.... With pink case! 😐I was overwelmed! 😀

I hope I will be a good girl in this world and hearafter. I wish I could be a good sister and person. Amin Ya Rabbal a' lamin! ❤️👍