Sunday, 7 April 2013


Sunway Rydeway playground,
Taman Melawati

Me, Ariana and Arlia were playing at the playground. Me and Ariana were playing tag while Arlia was playing with the swing. After a while, we heard Arlia crying and saw her with a lot of blood on her eyes. But she was still on the swing! Luckily, some of the neighbours were at the playground so they came and help Arlia. So we informed mama and daddy about the incident. Everyone rushed to see what happened. I was scared and shocked. We rushed to the hospital.

Emergency Department,
Gleneagles Hospital, Ampang

We ( the family ) were at the emercency room waiting for our turn. After sometimes, it was our turn! Alright, time to go 'To The Room Where The Doctor Checks The Patient'. The doctor said," First, I'm gonna clean her blood. Then, I'm gonna decide whether to stich the cut or not. But I have someone to assist me; the nurse".

X-ray Room, Gleneagle Hospital

The nurse took Arlia to the X-ray room. They wanted to check the bones around the nose area. Hopefully, it's not cracking. Oh, I have one thing to tell you.

WARNING: During checking the X-ray, do not go inside the room except for the patient. IT'S DANGEROUS.


Because of the Radioactive Energy!!!

Waiting Room, Emergency Department

We were waiting for the Specialist Doctor to come and futher check on Arlia's condition. We pray that nothing serious will happen. STILL WAITING! 😱😭😨