Sunday, 24 March 2013

My cooking experience

Last week, I cooked the olio pasta. I made this for daddy for dinner. I want to teach you how to cook it. Let's start!

These are the ingredients that we need; garlic, chili, lemon, pepper, prawn and olive oil. Of course we need one more important ingredient; THE PASTA! First, boil the pasta in a pot. While the pasta is boiling, peel the garlic's skin and cut the pepper into pieces. Later on, pour SOME of the olive oil in the pan and heat it. Put the garlic in the pan FIRST and saute it. Let it turn into a yellowish in colour. and until you smell a nice smell. Then put the chili and the prawn in the pan. Stir them until its a bit cooked. Remember to SQUEEZE THE LEMON. Then, put in the pepper. Stir ALL of them in the pan until you smell an  aromatic smell. Then, put the pasta in the pan and stir all of them until you notice it's cooked. Its ready to be served!

I love to cook because:

1) I learned how to cook. Mama tought me how to cook it.

2) I had fun cooking and I know that I had done a great job.

3) After I finished cooking, I can eat the food. That means I can eat the food that I have cooked!