Monday, 4 March 2013

My Puteri Sport's Day

Yesterday was the puteri sports day. It was located at SMK Sri pemaisuri. I woke up on 6.15 a.m and got ready. Mama drove me, Ariana, Arlia and mak tok. There was a bad news and a good news. The bad news was at first, we were at the wrong place and it was MY fault for not telling  mama the correct place we supposed to go. The good news was, we were early before the march pass started. I felt sooo relieved.

As the march pass had started, the students from Hunain, (green house) Khandak,( Yellow house) Badr, (blue house) and Uhud ( red house) marched to the field and read the dua recitiation. There were lots of people who were late. Next, we sang the battle-cry of our own houses. I think Khandak sang the loudest.

First, it was time for the runners to race between houses. There were 100 m dash, 200 m dash, 4 times 100 m dash and 4 times 400 m dash. Lots of people from Uhud house won the race. I was shocked. Before this, Uhud always lose.

Congratulations, Uhud!

After the secondory and primary people ran, it was time for the telematch people to gather at the field. I thought everything was going on good but..... ONE MORE PERSON WAS ABSENT! Luckily, we found one more replacement girl which was year five. She didn't know how to play the game soooo the Khandak people demonstrated to her how to play the game. She was exellent in this game.

As the telematch started, we tried our best to win but... No such luck! Khandak was the 3rd place. The teacher only announced the 1st and 2nd place winners. I was quite dissapointed and weird because normally, the teachers will announced the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner. Never mind. At least we have lots of sweats.

Then, I played with my Best Friends, Kholoud and Aishah. We played at the field. There was another girl joining us. She was our new friend. Her name is Aishah Maad. We played tag. I was always the tagger! After that, I played Ice and Water at the place where the audience sat there. I played with Aishah, Ariana, Arlia, Fatimah and Sofea. Ariana and Arlia was the ice while me, Fatimah, Aishah and Sofea were the ice. We had soooo much fun playing!

Guess what? Mama signed up for the 100 meter dash! I knew that mama will join the competition. Go for it mama! While mama was racing, I took pictures of mama running! The picture was fabulas! And the winner was..... MAMA! Mama got the first place! Yahoo!☺ My class teacher and my tahfiz teacher was shocked. Kholoud was shocked too. The present was a bag. I liked the bag although the color was red. I knew mama will win!

Congratulations MAMA! 😊

After the race I was sooo tired and I slept in the car! Zzzzzzzzz!😴 That was the end of our day!