Sunday, 29 January 2012

My big trip to Singapore

Last Saturday, my family and I went to Singapore. We did a lot of things. The first day in Singapore, we had fun at the hotel specially the swimming pool.  I swam at the swimming pool near by the hotel. I like to swim at the kid's pool because there were two slides. I also like it because there was a waterfall. I like swimming at the deep pool, too.

For dinner, I ate noodles . The food was yummy. After eating I drew.  I showed my mother the drawing that I've made. My mother said 'very nice' to my drawing. After drawing, I watched TV.  I didn't know the tittle and the channel.  I played with the gadgets and went to sleep.

The next day was my mother's birthday. I wish my mother 'happy birthday' early in the morning. My mother was happy. Later, I went breakfast with my family. I ate baked potato and omelette while the others ate different kind of foods. I don't really like the food because the the omelette was not yummy.  Only the baked potato was yummy.

After breakfast, I swam again. I love swimming with my swimming board, as usual. My swimming board is colourful with beautiful, pretty dolphin diving around the sea. It looks beautiful, isn't it? While sliding, me and Ariana met a new friend named Batrisya. She lives in Spain. I think Spain is a nice place. We played the slide together. But then, she played with her friends so I countinued swimming with my sisters.

Then, we went to Festive Walk. We saw a lot of things. We stopped in a shop named Gift Shop. I bought a present for my mother. It was a surprised. It was labelled " best mom". It was gold in colour. My mother was so happy and she hugged me tightly. She cried. I think she cried because she was happy. Then, we went to to a cafe and celebrated my mother's birthday. Then, we went to the Skyline and Luge. We rode there twice. Then, we went to the swimming pool again happily until 7 o' clock. Later, I had my dinner and went to sleep while the others are enjoying themselves.

Today, it was my last day in Singapore. I miss Singapore. But today I went to Universal Studio. First, we went to watched Shrek 4D. It was fun because there were a lot of movements. Then, we rode on the Far Far Away roller coster. It was exciting riding on the roller coster because it was fast but not upside down. Next, we rode on a boat ride named Madagascar. We rode happily. We rode on the dinasour too. The instruction was we need to press the white coloured button to fly. We enjoyed flying. Then, we rode another boat ride which the river water SPLASH us. My shoes and shirt were wet but I enjoyed the ride very much!!!

Next was the MUMMY ride. But now, not all of us rode on it because it was the SCARIEST among all the rides. Only me, my father and mother rode on this ride. First, me and my dad rode on this while my mother were taking care of my two sisters. Then, it was me and my mother's turn while daddy was taking the turn to care for my sisters. Although it was scary, but the ride was still fun for me. I also rode on the Transformers ride. It was very exciting. It was like a real fight. It was an unforgettable ride. After the ride, we bought a lot of things. After that,we went for dinner. I really do not like the food. I didn't like the vegetable burger. Then, we went to ride on a merry- go- round and the Madagascar boat ride again. We then went to a shop to buy a notebook and also rode on Puss in Boots ride. Before going home, we saw fireworks. We felt sooooooooooo happy going to Singapore.

I wish I can go there next year. It was exciting for all of us.