Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My trip to Terengganu

Last Saturday, me and my family went to Terengganu. The first day when we arrived Terengganu,we went and played the traditional game.Then, I saw a monkey.  I saw people doing batik painting. Batik painting is a type of traditional painting which was done long time ago.
Later, I wore my swimming suit and went to the swimming pool. There were two swimming pools. One was the kid's pool and adults pool. I don't really like the swimming pool because there were no slide but it was still fun because I  played a lot of games. I went to the beach. I built  sand castle. I played with the waves. That was fun. I went to the room and getting ready. Then, I went dinner with my family. I ate rice, prawn,kylan, and many more. I like the food. It was yummy yummy. Then, I went to the room and slept.

The next day, I went breakfast at the same restaurant. I ate noodles.  I went to the same swimming pool. I have two new movements, but the movements were  dangerous. It was  like gymnastic.  I saw my mother and father going to the deep swimming pool. My sisters can swim but not me because I don't have floaties. Then I went to the beach and collected shells.

Then, I ate my lunch. I ate Spaghetti bolognese. Then I went batik painting. I painted a girl while the others painted differently. I went to Kidz Zone. I played a game called Naruto. I like that game because it was easy peasy. I went and collected a lot of shells. Do you know why? Because I wanted to decorate the shells. I played at the beach. I played with the waves a lot of times. After playing at the beach, I went to the hotel. I was getting ready going for dinner. I ate at the same place. I ate rice, touge, kylan and a lot more. Then I ate an ice cream. Yahoo! After the meal, I went back to the room and slept.

The next day,I am going back home.I went swimming early in the morning. I just did the same gymnastic just like yesterday. I played a game with my sister. It was called pulling floaties. It was a very funny game. Then we went to the hotel to pack our things so I have no time to explore. I at my lunch with my family. I really love the food. It was the time to go back home. So, I said goodbye to everybody.

I really love love Terengganu because I played with the waves, did batik painting, collect many shells, went to Kidz Zone and did many more activities! I wish I could come and experience more. Bye Terengganu!