Thursday, 29 September 2011

My Dream Robot

I wish I can have 2 robots. 1st one is to help me clean my room. 2nd one is to help me make my bed. The purpose I have 2 robots is to clean my stuff.  I don't want to clean up my stuff by myself because I'm so tired doing all the task myself.

My 1st robot is yellow in colour. My 2nd robot is pink in colour. I want to write about my first robot. My 1st robot has a lot and a lot of tools. The tools are screwdriver, hammer and a lot  more. It has 3 buttons. The colour of the 1st button is red. The colour of the 2nd button is green. The colour of the 3rd button is blue.  Now, I want to write about my 2nd robot. My 2nd robot has no tools but hands instead.

I want to keep at a very very safe place so that my sisters can't touch and see. This is because I don't want them to spoil and lost my robots.