Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My 7th Birthday

Today, I want to write about my last year birthday party. I celebrated my birthday party at K Club Taman Melawati. I invited my classmates, Scholar Base friend and also my cousins.

My mother organized my birthday party. The theme was The Mermaid. The place was very beautiful. There were a lot of blue cakes and blue balloons. There were a lot of blue colour things because it is like the colour of the blue big ocean. I was the Queen Of Oceania. I was so happy to be the Queen Of Oceania because I can wear my silver shiny tiara and show my mermaid dress that my mother sewn for  me. 

Then, we went to the pool. We swam, splashed around and did a lot of activities! I love to swim! We took a lot of pictures. I played with my friends. We rode on the big slippery slide. Me and my friends were all wet after swimming in the pool. We were happy. We laughed, hop around and enjoyed ourselves.

Now, I'm talking about my blue beautiful tasty cake. On my cake, there were  a lot of seashells. However, it was not a real seashell. It was a fake seashell. There was a tag too. There was my name on the tag. I think my cake was marvelous.

This is a picture of me. I smiled in the picture. I looked very happy in the picture. This is because I was really really happy!!