Saturday, 24 September 2011


Yesterday, my mother and father went for a wedding. The whole family can go but something happened. I have an eye infection!!!!! Oh..NO!!!!! I can't go to see the bride and the groom.

Instead of going to the wedding, we went to the clinic to check my eyes. Doctor said my eyes were red. It was conjunctivitis. What is conjunctivitis???? I  never heard the word before. I think conjunctivitis is something to do with the eyes. I learnt a new word .

I can't go to the wedding because I have to stay home and rest. I feel sad. But my mother try to please me. She bought me a stationary set. I feel sooooooo happy and thankful.


Amna Nafeesa said...

Is that why you wear glasses???

Amna Nafeesa said...

you mothe is soo kind arisha!