Monday, 12 September 2011


Tonight, I had tuition at Scholar Base. At Scholar Base, I played games, answered questions and read my story books.

The name of the game is neighbour. The rules are:
1. Everybody has to sit down at their seats.
2. One person have to stand up and ask question to others,do you like your neighbour?
3. If the answer is yes, everybody has to change their places.
4. If the answer is no, the person who say no have to pick 2 people to stand up.
5. The 2 people that stand up have to quickly run and switch place.
6. The person who asked question also have to run for the chair.
7. Three people are fighting for two chairs.
8. The one who failed to get the chair has to stand up and repeat again.

I felt so happy because we can run to switch place, laugh and chase around.

Tonight, I also continued reading my storybook. The tittle of the book is 5 Children and ItI read 2 and a half chapter. After that, my teacher asked everybody questions about the book. I managed to answer some questions.

When I had finished, we went back home happily.

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