Saturday, 19 November 2011

My Concert & Prize Giving Day.

Yesterday  was 19th November 2011. I woke up in the morning and I felt very excited because I was going to my  school concert and also my Prize Giving Day . After bath, I put on  my cowgirl costume. Then, I went down to eat my breakfast. After I had my breakfast, I was ready to go.

My mum drove me to Risda, Ampang where we were having my concert. My sisters and maid followed me to my concert. They all wanted to watch me performed my dance and received my prize. But my father did not come with us  because he got work to do at China. However, he 'sms'ed us to tell that he really wanted to come to my concert, but he can't. He felt sad.

At Risda, my teacher, Ms Chong put on the scarfs and hats for me and the other kids. After that, my teacher took our photo while we were waiting for our turn to perform. Then, we came in the hall
and watched the show from the other kids. I liked to watch the Ali Baba and the 40 thieves drama. It was very fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

After that, Ms Mary asked the prize winners to go down and take their prize. I am one of the prize winner!!!! I got a medal for my hard work. I got 5A's!! I can't wait for my turn. I was soooooooo happy because I got a medal and did well in all my subjects.

After that, we waited until it was our turn to dance on the stage. The tittle of our dance was ''Cotton Eye Joe''. It was a cowgirl and cowboy dance. I danced and skipped and twirled and threw the confetti. I felt happy on the stage. My mum said my dance was fantastic.

By then, we watched another  dance named ''Tarian Satu Malaysia''. Finally, we sang '' NEGARAKU''.

That is the end of my concert. What an enjoyable day I had !!