Sunday, 20 November 2011

my class party

On Friday, I had a class party. We celebrated the class party in the classroom. We brought a lot of foods and drinks. The foods were pizza, sandwiches, mamme, curry puffs and a lot of more. The water were 100 Plus, orange juice, Coca Cola and mineral water. The foods were delicious and yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

The foods that I ate were pizza, sweets, twisties and the drinks that I drank are 100 Plus and Coca Cola. In the classroom, we were talking and walking around and the classroom became noisy. Then, our teacher, Ms Chong, asked us to sit down at our places and asked us to be quiet.

This is the end of school. We hugged our teacher, Ms Chong. Then, I asked all the girls to write their signature at a piece of paper except Chloe, Layla, Lee Wei Wen and Jessica. You know why? I really wanted to ask them to write their signature but it was too late. The bell rang and the school hour had finished. And that was the end of my class party.