Saturday, 21 April 2012

The experience to pasar tani

Today, I went to Pasar Tani. First, I woke up, took my bath, wore my clothes, comb my hair and ate my breakfast.  Later, me and my mother were ready to go to pasar tani. We went to the pasar tani near Melawati.  Over there, I saw lots of people selling and buying. There 's a big crowd and it's noisy. Some people were bargaining and talking. I  saw people selling lots of food, some plants and also  balloons. Some people asked for donations. We bought crabs, fishes, squids, vegetables, chickens, kuih and fruits.

After we've done, we put all  the things inside the car. My mother drove me home. I helped my mother to carry the things. Some were heavy and some were not. My sisters helped us too.  I felt so happy going to pasar tani. It was because I can help my mother. I think its a good deeds to help parents. I will get reward on Akhirah. I think  I want go to pasar tani again during my free time.