Thursday, 22 May 2014

Poem - Mossy forest, Cameron Highlands

The trip to the mossy forest, 
At Mount Brinchang, 
The high elevation, 
And cold weather.

Ups and downs, 
Here we go,
To the mossy forest, 
Wait for us.

We're at the borderline of Pahang and Perak,
We're at the boundary of two states,
On top of the Banjaran Titiwangsa,
What an interesting fact.

As high as sky, 
As I touch the clouds,
Look at Allah's creations, 
Isn't it beautiful?

Let's explore the forest,
There's a lot to see,
As the mossy forest welcomes us,
Let's see.

Look at the moss, 
It's so unique,
Not like other plants,
It grows in a low temperature.

Let's snap pictures, 
At the forest,
As we take our leave,
See you someday!

What a memorable trip,
Hope we could see this forest again,
Lot's of knowledge and experience,
Won't you try to go there?

We're at the mossy forest, Cameron Highland. Let's explore!!!!!!!!

That's me, at the borderline of Pahang and Perak. Awesome!!!!

That's us, exploring the forest.

Does mama and daddy want to be explorers too??