Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mama's birthday!

On Sunday, me and my family went to Restoran Subak for our lunch. We went there to celebrate mama's birthday! Before everyone came, we took some pictures. We waited until everyone came, then we had our feast!
We ordered our food. I ordered cabonara. After we ordered, we waited for our foods to be served. It was sooo delicious! When everyone were eating, me, Marcel and my sisters heard Marcel's funny jokes. After that, the surprise begun!

SURPRISE!!! There was a cake in front of mama! We sang the birthday song! After singing the birthday song, mama cut the cake and we ate the cake! MMMMM..... So delicious! It is sooo creamy. It is a cheesecake! That was the end of the day!

There was another celebration on Monday. Daddy took us to Pavillion because mama's birthday falls on Tuesday, 22nd January. We ate at a restaurant. I ordered burger but it was too big so I shared it with Ariana. It was delicious. Then, SURPRISE! The cake had arrived ! We sang 'happy birthday' to mama! The cake was WOW!That was the end of the day.

Today, mama came home with joy because mama received hundred stalks of red cherry roses! Daddy gave to mama! This shows that daddy loves mama sooo much! Sooo romantic!

These days are full with happines all along! Happy birthday mama! May ALLAH bless you!